Condoms Given To Sixth Graders: One School’s Approach To Sex Ed

Condoms will be given to sixth graders in the Gervais School District of Gervais, Oregon, bringing up more debate as to the proper place of schools in teaching sex education to children.

Molly McCargar, one school board member and the mother of four daughters within the district, said she wholeheartedly supports the idea.

“It is great for parents,” said McCargar. “I’m a parent of four girls. The conversations have started and they will continue — unfortunately not all of our kids have that support at home.”

District superintendent Rick Hensel cited concerns over teen pregnancy as influencing the board’s decision to move forward with the idea.

In comments to the Salem Statesman Journal, Hensel pointed out, “Nine girls got pregnant this year,” comprising around five percent of those attending grades six through 12.

KOIN notes that a report from nursing interns at the Oregon Health and Science University concluded that 7 percent had gotten pregnant the previous year.

Some parents are understandably upset, feeling that it is their place to discuss matters of sex education with their children. One parent, Kim Hults, had this to say: “I just disagree with it. I don’t think elementary kids should be around it.”

The school board insists Ms. Hults is in the minority, but if one goes by internet comments, that may be a false claim.

“Insane. I would be livid if I were a parent in that district,” said one. “Not their place to do this!”

“Next: Planned Parenthood abortion mills in every school,” said another.

Richard Magnuson observed: “These liberal pervs just can’t help themselves to corrupt the children. It tells you what they really think of the kids — that they are just animals without the concept of right and wrong or judgment.”

District parent Raymond Fritz, speaking to the claim that no parents have objected, had this to say: “I am a parent in that district. The reason they claim no feedback from parents is that the parents haven’t been informed about the decision yet. The first time I heard about it was when my wife pointed out this article to me. Schools constantly ask parents to ‘Team Up’ with teachers, but that should go both ways.”

Fritz added that he would be writing a letter to the school board. “I am also going to assist them with collecting feedback by going door to door in my neighborhood to make sure that everyone is aware of this decision and who they should contact.”

Fritz’ claims that the district hasn’t contacted parents yet has some basis in fact.

According to district officials, “whether parents will be notified when a student gets a condom is still under consideration.” The officials pointed to “students’ constitutionally guaranteed privacy rights, which may prevent parental notification.”

Do you think handing out condoms to sixth graders is a wise sex education maneuver or certifiably insane? And should parents be notified when one of the sixth graders is given a condom by someone in the district?

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