‘GTA V’ Players Recreate ‘Terminator 2’ Chase Scene Online [Video]

A handful of savvy GTA V enthusiasts recently recreated the iconic chase sequence in director James Cameron’s Terminator 2.

Those of us who’ve spent a lot of time watching action-packed motion pictures place the aforementioned scene among the greatest chases ever committed to celluloid. The French Connection, Vanishing Point, and Ronin have some pretty snazzy sequences, but the one in Terminator 2 is probably one of the absolute best.

Since GTA V takes place in a satirical version of Los Angeles, a few Grand Theft Auto Online players pooled their resources to recreate the scene that finds the T-1000 (Robert Patrick) chasing a young John Connor (Edward Furlong) through the L.A. drainage canals. Just when things look bleak for our hero, along comes Arnold Schwarzenegger on a motorcycle — with a shotgun. Crashes and explosions promptly ensue.

Check out the GTA V version of the scene below.

Here’s a clip from Cameron’s flick for those who need a refresher.

According to Digital Trends, John Chapman and the Legendary Gaming team are responsible for recreating the Terminator 2 chase scene in GTA V. Since the sequence in question features a handful of characters and a few different camera angles, Chapman and his pals had to get everyone on the same page. As you can imagine, this required a fair amount of coordination and cooperation from the team.

Here’s what Chapman had to say about the project:

“Hey everyone, so this week we remade a scene from T-2 (‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day’) and it took quite some time. It mostly took a lot of time because I wanted to try to make it exact. Yes I may have missed some small scenes but damn we worked hard on this from the actual setting up, to the directing, to the editing so please give it a look, like & subscribe and I would greatly appreciate it if you could share it and spread it around a bit. We are 100% interested in the requests you have for remake ideas. Shoot them at me. As always thanks for watching and keep an eye out for the next video coming.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time someone has used Grand Theft Auto V to recreate a scene from a popular Hollywood movie. The folks over at Brass Ballas used GTA V to piece together the epic train fight from the James Bond flick Skyfall. We’ve embedded the video before for your viewing pleasure.

As an added bonus, here’s Reservoir Dogs recreated with GTA 5.

Do you think the GTA V version of the classic Terminator 2 chase sequence through the Los Angeles canals does the movie justice?

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