‘GTA V’ Gets The Commodore 64 Treatment [Video]

If you’ve ever wondered what GTA V might look like on the Commodore 64, then get ready to have your retro-oriented mind blown in 16 glorious colors.

Although the following admission puts a serious timestamp on this writer’s age, I fondly remember booting up my computer to play a number of “classic” video games back in the day. X-Men: Madness in Murderworld definitely spent a lot of time in my machine, as did Pool of Radiance and Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders.

People who need razor-sharp HD graphics probably won’t appreciate the GTA V video put together by the retro-minded folks behind the YouTube channel Majami Hiroz: Welcome to the ’80s. They take popular games like Grand Theft Auto V and give them nifty 8-bit makeovers. The end result is pure nostalgia for those of us who grew up with 5.4-inch floppy disk drives and EGA monitors.

Instead of trying to recreate the entire GTA V experience, the clip you see embedded below tackles the popular trailer for Rockstar’s open-world classic. Majami Hiroz completely nailed the 8-bit experience, right down to the chiptune music and the blocky text. I would have jumped all over this thing back in the 80s. It also fills me with the urge to type LOAD “GTAV”,8,1 into my MacBook Pro’s terminal.

Check out the Commodore 64 version of GTA V below.

GTA V isn’t the only Rockstar property retrofitted for the Commodore 64. The YouTube channel previously cranked out videos for GTA: Vice City and L.A. Noire. If that sounds like an excellent way to kill some time, then feast your eyes on the following clips. Warning: We’re not responsible for the overwhelming desire to purchase an old machine that may arise after properly consuming these videos.

Vice City:

L.A. Noire:

GTA is just one of several popular games tackled by the folks at Welcome to the 80’s. The Inquisitr previously reported that Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs was also recently filtered through the lens of the classic computer system. Since this writer hasn’t delved too far into the title as of this writing, he can’t say for sure if there are any spoilers contained within. Approach with caution!

While some people are patiently waiting for GTA V to make an appearance on Xbox One or PS4, some of us are wondering how this game would have played on the Commodore 64. What do you think about the retro version of Rockstar’s game?

[Image via Rockstar Games]

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