Taylor Swift Donates $50K To Cancer Center

Taylor Swift, who had just concluded a well-received concert in Manila last week, recently donated $50,000 to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The money will be used to buy a music therapy cart, a program and equipment that allows cancer patients to compose and produce musical pieces while undergoing therapy.

The hospital expressed their gratitude over Swift’s very generous donation. Stephanie Rogerwick, child life manager at the hospital’s cancer center, released the following statement:

“Essentially a recording studio on wheels, this new tool will enable our Music Therapy Team to eliminate traditional barriers, and allow for limitless musical expression by our teen patients,”

“Teenagers who are being treated for cancer have emotional and social needs that are different than their younger counterparts. They’re facing a frightening diagnosis and treatment during what is already a time of great physical, social and emotional change.”

When not touring the world and writing break-up songs, Taylor Swift likes to visit and entertain hospital patients and participate in health and music causes. Last year, Swift was named most charitable celebrity of 2013. According to charity website Do Something, Taylor donated $100,000 to the Nashville Symphony during her 24th birthday. She also actively participated in a charitable cause in London for homeless teens. Following Taylor Swift on the list were One Direction, Beyonce and Paul Walker.

Taylor Swift enjoyed the company of her Filipino fans last Friday during her Red Manila concert, where she got to experience the warm hospitality of Manilenos. On Twitter, Filipino fans expressed on social media their amazement over Taylor’s dynamic performance. Her worldwide reception is perhaps what motivates Swift to give back to the people, as seen in her countless charitable efforts and philanthropic activities.

In other news, Inquisitr recently reported that Taylor isn’t currently dating anyone seriously, contrary to some rumors. Word on the Hollywood street is, Taylor is currently swearing off dating and is focusing her energy on producing music, which might turn out to be challenging since her past failed relationships served as great motivators for her popular songs. Nevertheless, close sources deny any dating rumors and confirm Taylor’s hectic musical schedule. Model and best friend Karlie Kloss confirmed that Taylor currently has “no time for boys”.

Taylor Swift will be performing in Bangkok on June 9 as part of her South East Asian tour. Her next stops would be Kuala Lumpur on June 11 and Singapore on June 12.

[Image from Eva Rinaldi via Flickr]