Susan Rice Not Putting Points On The Board With Bowe Bergdahl Situation

Susan Rice recently described her mission as National Security Advisor as “trying to put points up on the board” for President Obama and his administration, but anyone can see the former point guard isn’t scoring any points with her handling of the Bowe Bergdahl situation.

Video and audio clips of Rice stating that Bowe Bergdahl served his country “with honor and distinction” has become some of the most-played on right-leaning news networks and conservative radio shows and with good reason – it tends to chafe those sympathetic to those who served honorably alongside Bowe Bergdahl, many of whom are claiming that he deserted to join the Taliban – in other words, it tends to chafe a significant percentage of Americans of all political stripes.

What exactly “putting points on the board” for Obama has to do with National Security, Susan Rice has never explained, especially given the fact that she suggested her job included a number of issues that have little to nothing to do with national security.

According to a report on KSAT, Susan Rice has stood staunchly by her comments about Bowe Bergdahl despite the fact that public opinion has turned sharply against her on the issue. The report quotes Rice saying:

“I realize there has been lots of discussion and controversy around this. But what I was referring to was the fact that this was a young man who volunteered to serve his country in uniform at a time of war. That, in and of itself, is a very honorable thing.”

The idea that signing up to serve in the military, raising one’s hand and swearing to defend the Constitution and to obey all lawful orders is honorable even if a soldier doesn’t follow through and actually defend the Constitution and obey lawful orders is certainly a new way of thinking about soldiers who may have violated their oaths by going AWOL or deserting. Susan Rice’s take on Bowe Bergdahl appears to be a completely unprecedented viewpoint among our nation’s leaders, especially if the allegations of desertion are substantiated.

When asked about her statements – during a visit to France with President Barack Obama – rice chided CNN reporter Jim Acosta, according to a Mediaite report. Susan Rice was apparently incensed that the media is investigating the facts of the Bowe Bergdahl case and suggesting that he may be guilty before he is tried in a court of law.

While Bowe Bergdahl certainly has a right to his day in court – as all Americans do – it still stands out as odd that the National Security Advisor Susan Rice would scold the media for covering the Bowe Bergdahl story and presenting the facts and allegations as they come to light.

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