Shailene Woodley And Ansel Elgort Beat Out Tom Cruise With The ‘Fault In Our Stars’ Box Office Numbers

Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort have managed to beat out Tom Cruise with the recent numbers posted for the Fault In Our Stars box office, putting the film in the number one spot for this weekend.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, according to Shailene Woodley, nude sex scenes need to be realistic in movies because that is how they are in real life.

The Edge Of Tomorrow box officer numbers were not bad yet not great, and are expected to not break $30 million over the weekend. That’s not good news because Warner Bros paid $178 million to produce this SciFi Groundhog Day. On the other hand, the Fault In Our Stars box office numbers topped $26.1 million on Friday and the weekend debut is expected to bring in over $50 million all in all. To put this into perspective, Fox 2000 only spent $12 million to produce the film so anything made from here on out is pure profit.

Now it’s said that Shailene Woodley felt like a “caretaker” for Fault In Our Stars. The actress reportedly begged to be given the part in the big screen adaption of John Green’s best-selling young adult novel that tells the story of two young lovers who meet in a cancer support group:

“I mean, I don’t necessarily even feel a responsibility for the fans. I feel a responsibility for this book because this book represents so much and it’s so chockfull of beautiful messages that I felt like it was our duty to be the caretakers of it.”

Interestingly enough, Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort were both also co-stars in the movie Divergent. She says she formed her opinion of him while meeting at a cast dinner and they had a chance to sit next to each other:

“I’d never heard anything about [Ansel] before meeting him on ‘Divergent.’ [Elgot] was so quiet and so open and so pure. He was more observant. There was something very special about him, something that moved me.”

Perhaps that is why Woodley reportedly cried so much when she watched her own movie?

Here is the top 10 box office numbers for Friday:

1. The Fault in Our Stars, 1/31,71, Fox, $26.1 million.
2. Edge of Tomorrow, 1/3,490, Warner Bros./Village Roadshow, $10.6 million.
3. Maleficent, 2/3,948, Disney, $10.1 million, $104 million.
4. X-Men: Days of Future Past, 3/3,639, Fox, $4.5 million, $178.9 million.
5. A Million Ways to Die in the West, 2/3,160, Universal/MRC, $2.2 million, $25.2 million.
6. Godzilla, 4/3,110, Warner Bros./Legendary, $1.8 million, $180.9 million.
7. Neighbors, 5/2,674, Universal, $1.6 million, $134.2 million.
8. Blended, 3/2,928, Warner Bros., $1.3 million, $33.7 million.
9. Chef, 5/1,298, Open Road Films, $716K, $8.5 million.
10. Million Dollar Arm, 4/1,643, Disney, $591K million, $30.1 million.