Leighton Meester Sues Convict Mom Manager

Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester is suing her former manager who also happens to be her mom. Meester’s mom, an ex-convict reportedly took funds Leighton sent to her disabled younger brother Lex and used that cash for plastic surgery, Botox and even hair extensions.

Meester fired Constance Meester, 54, as her manager in February after her mom was given a restraining order for allegedly harassing a neighboring family.

According to Los Angeles therapist Laurel Wiig, Connie threatened to “hunt down and kill” her and her young son when they had a falling out on January 21. According to court filings Connie is an “addict” who vowed to “fuck us up.”

Constance for her part is claiming that she was promised a $10,000 per month allowance and that she threatened to sue for $3 million, virtually holding her daughter’s earnings as ransom. The mom of the year claims everything was an oral agreement, which means she’ll probably fade into the background soon enough.

If a lawsuit does move forward it will likely be impossible for Constance’s to gain any trust from the jury after she was convicted in the 1980s for assisting a drug ring with the transportation of thousands of pounds of marijuana from Jamaica to the US.

Leighton was born while her mom was staying in a Texas halfway house as part of her drug dealer sentence.