‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ Scoops Up $10 Million At The Friday Box Office

Tom Cruise’s sci-fi actioner Edge of Tomorrow managed to scraped together $10 million from moviegoers at the box office on Friday.

Although you’d think a big-budget movie about time travel would easily rise to the top of the cinematic heap (okay maybe not), Edge of Tomorrow has some extremely stiff competition from another new release this weekend. Tom Cruise has no trouble defeating a legion of alien forces, but teenagers are another matter altogether.

Edge of Tomorrow doesn’t really stand a chance against director Josh Boone’s The Fault in Our Stars, the highly-anticipated adaptation of author John Green’s celebrated novel. Maybe Cruise should start aligning himself with teen-oriented fare if he wants to keep making serious cash in Hollywood. It’s hard to compete with that demographic.

The Shailene Woodley flick brought home an extremely healthy $26 million on Friday, suggesting that Edge of Tomorrow has a lot of catching up to do if it hopes to top the box office this weekend. Cruise’s new endeavor is also in danger of losing out to Maleficent, which also generated approximately $10 million yesterday.

Fortunately for ol’ Tom, Tomorrow is getting relatively strong reviews right out of the gate. While most time travel movies often cause critics to blow numerous fuses and gaskets, this particular contribution to the genre seems to have won over the majority of reviewers. This may ultimately help the picture in the long run.

Lou Lumenick of the New York Post explained:

“A Tom Cruise action flick with a strong female heroine and a sense of humor? ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ has both of those, plus a ‘Groundhog Day’-style gimmick that pays big dividends. Over and over.”

Film.com critic James Rocchi added:

“It’d be easy to dismiss ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ as just another blunt-force summer movie, but it’s sharp as a scalpel in the deft hands of its makers, with the kind of smarts, wit, filmmaking and force too many other summer films can only dream of.”

If you’re unfamiliar with Tom Cruise’s latest flick, then you’ll probably want to check out the official trailer. As someone who loves watching things blow up on the big screen, this seems like a movie that was specifically designed to dazzle my senses.

Director Doug Liman’s Edge of Tomorrow reportedly cost $178 million to produce. If you want to help the movie break even before it vanishes from theaters, then you’d better buy a ticket as soon as possible. Other summer movies are looming on the horizon, so competition is only going to get stronger as the weeks roll on.

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