Old Tom Cruise Quote Backfires On Emily Blunt

The problem with being an A-list celebrity is that sometimes words have a habit of circulating and coming back years later. For example, actress Emily Blunt had to deal with a case of an old quote about Tom Cruise resurfacing and biting her back during a press junket for her new film with none other than, that’s right, action hero himself, Tom Cruise.

Back in 2005, the actress was just starting out in the industry. It seems like back then Blunt had a lot to prove as an actress just getting her feet wet. Cue a flippant remark that Blunt probably didn’t even realize would ever affect her all those years later.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Blunt told the reporter that she would rather be a “poor theater actress than a star.” The actress went on to say that she wouldn’t want to be known “as a spear carrier in a Tom Cruise movie.”

Things got a little awkward when Emily Blunt sat down for an interview with The Telegraph to promote her latest action/sci-fi film.

During this interview, a different reporter brought up her comments. Emily had no recollection of the quote and immediately denied ever having said it in the first place. “I never said that!” insisted the actress. “What an awful thing to say.”

Creepy enough the reporter must have seen this one coming because she proceeded to pull out a newspaper clip of Blunt’s interview, which featured the horrible Tom Cruise quote. Blunt, obviously shocked, brushed it off with laughter. “That is so funny. Well, at least I’m not a spear carrier.”

Emily Blunt is currently starring with Tom Cruise in a big budgeted action flick called Edge of Tomorrow. In the film, Blunt plays a futuristic warrior that goes by the name Rita Vrataski and trains Cruise to fight aliens. Prior to Edge of Tomorrow, Blunt was also in another big blockbuster action film called Looper, which saw her opposite Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Even though Blunt used Cruise’s name to describe a type of film she didn’t want to be known for, it was Tom that was really enamored by her work. In an interview with Access Hollywood, Cruise revealed:

“I saw her work very early on and her work as an actress, and I just really admired [her]. She’s got great taste, as her choices in terms of within scenes, tremendous power on screen. Right from the very beginning, [I knew] this woman can really act.”

Cruise also spoke about Blunt’s versatility as an actress.

“The versatility of her ability is incredible — from comedy to drama and also romance. She’s a great leading lady but a character actor. So I’ve been watching her for a long time.”

Edge of Tomorrow hits theaters on June 6.

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