Keith Urban Saved By Wife Nicole Kidman’s Intervention

Despite dealing with constant break up rumors, musician Keith Urban and actress Nicole Kidman have had a happy marriage. Now Urban is opening up about a time that not everyone was privy to knowing about. Their real test of marriage happened very early on.

According to Keith Urban’s new Rolling Stone feature, the musician admitted that their big test happened right after their June 2006 wedding. Kidman staged an intervention for Urban after he fell off the wagon, which led to him breaking his sobriety.

Of his marriage with his wife Nicole Kidman, Urban said:

“I was very, very blessed to have Nic call an intervention on me. I had a tight group of friends around me for the intervention. And off I went.”

At the time Urban went into rehab at the Betty Ford Center in October of the same year. For Urban it was the only thing that took precedence in his life.

“I didn’t give a s*** about anything except turning a corner in my life and doing whatever it took for that.”

Like some musicians Keith fell into the fast lifestyle of the road and found a fascination with alcohol and drugs. By the early 90s he was touring with his band The Ranch. Urban explained that time to Rolling Stone.

“I liked to get crazy after the gig and when I would do lots of drugs is when I was home off the road. If we were home for five days, I’d be f***ed up most of the time.”

In addition to his rehab stint back in 2006, Urban also went to rehab in 1998 for his troubles. The reason why he fell off the wagon after eight years of being sober is because he was lonely while Kidman was filming a movie in Kosovo.

“I would find myself feeling very alone, very lost, and vulnerable to my old ways.”

Despite their early troubles, Kidman and Urban seem to have found a nice balance in their marriage, and with their daughters Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret. The pair never spend more than five days apart and speak throughout the day.

Of his wife Urban said:

“I felt like I was just sitting dormant, and she came along and I came to life. I was born into her, so who I am now was waiting the whole time.”

Even when the pair is apart from each other it seems as though they know how to keep the romance alive. Kidman recently said that her husband sends her love notes.

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