Hidden Cash Benefactor Claims The American Christian Church Isn’t Doing Enough To Help The Poor

One Hidden Cash benefactor playing the Twitter HiddenCash game is claiming that Christians are not doing enough to help the poor and is using the game as a soap box for calling attention to this issue.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the hidden cash game has already spawned copycats in England and other cities throughout the United States. The original hidden cash Twitter hunt started in California with someone using the Twitter handle HiddenCash. The anonymous millionaire explained his rationale for creating the hidden cash game.

The people who created their own hidden cash Twitter campaigns for other cities have also been talking about the Pay It Forward concept and how people should be thinking about how to help the homeless. In fact, I’ve seen one game where the only way to win cash was to show a picture of yourself helping out the homeless.

But one hidden cash benefactor has gone another step forward and has linked the entire game to what God says in the Bible. For example:

The hidden cash benefactor also sent out a series of tweets yesterday that claim Christians have become stingy:

“If God blesses you with riches then it’s an incredible opportunity to have an impact on where you live. The American church has historically been the first to help those in need but has greatly neglected this duty in recent years. While some blame the bad economy, Christians now give at 2.5 percent per capita. During the Great Depression they gave at a 3.3 percent rate. People talk about #PayItForward as if it’s a new concept but it should be a daily walk and a burning concern in our minds. Even those on a tight budget can be involved. Give rides, clean houses/cars, or any labor where it helps but doesn’t cost you a dime. If you have a spare room let someone stay for free for a set time. This allows those struggling to catch up on bills and pay off debts. The economy is tough, and likely to get tougher in the coming years, and people need to come together.”

Do you agree with this hidden cash benefactor that Americans need to be doing more to help the poor?

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