Taylor Swift Made It Cool To Trash Ex-Boyfriends, Says Lucy Hale

Taylor Swift has made a career out of trashing her ex-boyfriends. Not surprisingly, there are plenty of other recording artists who are more than willing to follow in her footsteps.

One of the many musicians Swift has inspired is singer and Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale. Since Taylor has absolutely no problem shredding ex-boyfriends in the form of song, Hale feels it’s a-okay for others to do the same.

According to Hollywood Life, Hale is busy spreading the good word about her new album The Road Between. In addition to dishing about the material found on the record, the singer also took a moment to discuss how Taylor Swift has inspired her own music.

“I don’t really keep in touch with many of my ex-boyfriends. But there are some digs in the album for sure. Taylor’s untouchable. She made country quote-unquote ‘cool,'” the Pretty Little Liars actress explained to Flare magazine.

She added, “And she made it okay to talk about your problems. And be vulnerable. And talk s**t about your ex-boyfriend. That’s so fun! Everyone wants to do that.” It is so true, everyone does want to do that — we’re right there with you!”

Although Taylor Swift makes opening up about your personal relationship seem pretty easy, Hale admitted that she was a little apprehensive about sharing that side of her life with the world. At the end of the day, Hale realized that all of those experiences would help make her album that much stronger.

Lucy told the publication:

“It’s very scary being open, being vulnerable, putting yourself out there at the risk of failing. The scariest part is working so, so hard for something and then it not paying off. But that almost doesn’t even matter to me anymore. Making the album was the best experience of my life.”

While other musicians are taking cues from Taylor Swift, the country music darling is busy putting together some new material for her next album. Judging from her recent comments, fans should anticipate something truly special from the new batch of songs.

“I’ve already been working very hard at it, and it’s already my favorite thing I’ve ever created. So the idea [is] that after Asia, I get to go back and finish everything and get everything completely done and wrapped up for a new project, it’s very exciting,” she explained during a recent press conference.

Do you agree that Taylor Swift made is cool for female singers to trash their ex-boyfriends?

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