The person behind the deaths in Norway now has a face

The image above it that of the world’s newest mass murderer – Anders Behring Breivik.

That is the man who is responsible for the bombing and the massacre at a summer camp this past week in Oslo Norway.

The 32-year-old man is described as a gun-loving, religious Norwegian who believed that his country was being destroyed by the country’s policy on multiculturalism and the increasing Muslim immigration.

Police in Oslo believe that the massive car bomb that destroyed downtown Oslo, and where police are still finding unexploded munitions, was a diversion tactic and that the massacre at the political summer camp on Utoya Island. It was here where Breivik took approximated 90 minutes to calmly shoot and kill at least 85 people, some of them as young as 16.

As soon as the shooting started, they said, people panicked, running in all directions, tumbling down the island’s rocky hill in an attempt to reach the sea. Even after many made it into the water, the gunman calmly and methodically shot at those who were swimming.

“People right behind me were shot,” said Helen Andreassen, 21, a political adviser for the Labor Party’s youth wing, which runs the camp each year. “I heard shots right behind me. He was standing just by the water, using his rifle, just taking his time, aiming and shooting. It was a slaughter of young children.”

Wearing a police uniform, the gunman at one point emerged from the forest and persuaded several youths who had sought refuge on the shore to come to him, said Stine Renate Haheim, 27, a Labor Party member of Parliament, who was also among those hiding.

Then he opened fire.

“He shot a boy in the back,” Ms. Haheim said. “I saw that some people were falling, and we turned around and ran. At that point I didn’t look back.”

via The New York Times

Here is the video of the police taking Breivik into custody on Utoya Island.

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