Dr. Matthew Krauthamer: Man Who Bought Whitney Houston’s Home Says He Won’t Open It To Public

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Dr. Matthew Krauthamer purchased Whitney Houston’s former home in Mendham, New Jersey, and he says that he is not going to open the doors and allow the public inside. According to Radar Online, Krauthamer, 33, has wanted to purchase the estate for quite some time. The emergency room physician is a Whitney fan — but that doesn’t mean that he is going to use the house to his advantage in any way. He suspects those concerns could have been why it took so long for him to actually buy the house.

“I had been trying to buy the property for a number of years. It was about finding a good fit for the property. Her family has been in contact with me. I don’t want to make money off of who she was. She was kind and generous and she took care of those who she loved.”

Dr. Krauthamer added:

“I’ve had some communication with the family and they have been kind throughout the whole process. I wanted to put an end to their concerns and fears, that I am not an opportunist and I don’t want to disgrace her honor.”

Dr. Matthew Krauthamer says that he specifically purchased the house because it was a “good deal” — and he is right. Whitney Houston purchased the home for $2 million back in 1987. Dr. Krauthamer was able to sign papers with a $1.5 million offer. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the home is nearly 14,000-square-feet on five acres. It has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and has amazing architectural features like curved walls of windows. The amenities include a huge swimming pool, a sauna, hot tub, and a tennis court.

Krauthamer continued:

“I am a fan of Whitney’s music like so many people, but I’m not the over-the-top weird fan. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know it’s a good deal.”

For those who are curious to see inside Whitney Houston’s former home, E! Online posted some photos — and it is pretty spectacular (the photo above shows the huge living room). Krauthamer says that he has every intention of respecting the house.

“I’m very conscious of preserving what she created there. [Whitney] had a lot of love and treated people very well. Her house was her family. Some of them lived there and some of them stayed there.”

It is unknown if Krauthamer plans on making any changes to the house but it sounds like he wants to preserve it. Perhaps the home will need some updating in the future, but it sounds like Krauthamer will do it justice when the time comes.