Man Takes His Dead Girlfriend’s Corpse On A Cross-Country Joy Ride

This may sound like it comes fresh from the latest episode of SVU, but unfortunately it doesn’t. Either creepy or extremely sad depending on how you look at it, Ray Tomlinson, a 62-year-old man, decided to drive his dead girlfriend around from Arizona to Michigan while his 93-year-old mother was in the car.

According to Detroit Free Press, Tomlinson was on his way home, and didn’t have the heart to report her death when it happened suddenly on their road trip. So instead he drove her body and cared for her the rest of the way home. The reason why he didn’t take his late girlfriend to the hospital because he, “cared too much for her.”

Tomlinson’s deceased girlfriend’s identity wasn’t revealed because it’s believed that her family wasn’t notified of her death yet. However, we do know that she might have died either in Oklahoma or Texas, before Tomlinson decided to drive her body back home.

Her boyfriend told Police officials that he was in a rural area on Monday morning when he discovered that his girlfriend was slumped forward and her body was cold.

Detective Sgt. Stephen Mills explained what happened next:

“He then does an Internet search via his phone. He says he finds on the Internet that he has 48 hours to take her to a medical examiner or to a morgue.”

According to Roy Tomlinson he insists that he didn’t break the law, but was worried that if he was stopped by authorities that they, “would have impounded my vehicle, they would have probably incarcerated me to do an investigation and I had a 93-year-old woman in my car that I needed to get home.”

The history of Roy’s relationship with his girlfriend sounds somewhat strange. When Roy met his girlfriend she was 31-years-old and homeless. According to Roy she had a history of drug problems that started after they were together and he took her in to receive treatment. Unsurprisingly, police suspect that Tomlinson’s girlfriend died of a drug overdose. As of right now an autopsy doesn’t show any signs of foul play in her death.

According to the police, right before the trip Tomlinson’s girlfriend signed herself out of a medical facility. On that day she had numerous prescriptions filled, including OxyCotin. The bottle was found empty in Michigan.

One of the last things Tomlinson said on record is, “I just lost a very close friend.”

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