Annette ‘Food Stamp Recipients Are Animals’ Bosworth Arrested, Released Immediately

Annette Bosworth — the former South Dakota candidate for a federal Senate seat who compared food stamp recipients to wild animals who should not be fed —has been arrested and released (presumably after being tagged for research charged). The warrant for her arrest, which was issued shortly before Bosworth turned herself in at the Hughes County jail, specified six counts of perjury and six counts of offering a false or forged instrument for filing.

While she has not appeared in public to answer questions, Annette Bosworth has released a prepared statement, in which she says that the charges are “a political intimidation scheme.” Presumably, Bosworth believes that the public, and the constituency that had no interest in electing her after she swore that the hungry should not be fed, will take her side as long as she blows smoke about her detractors’ characters.

Or perhaps she is correct and there was a coordinated damage control campaign within the South Dakota Republican Party designed to prevent a mean-minded, pro-starvation candidate like Annette Bosworth from usurping the candidacy by whipping up rural fascism. It would make sense. Someone with Annette Bosworth’s teeth and lack of conscience would never be elected by the majority of the people of the great state of South Dakota, who never turn a blind eye to human rights violation.


Ah, but that was another time. Today’s Republican Party must safeguard itself from fringe candidates who do not represent the mores and values of South Dakota’s real conservative base. One does have to wonder, though: If it takes a conspiracy to keep the brutal likes of Annette Bosworth in line, then how out of touch is she, really, with that base?

That seems to be Bosworth’s allegation, at least. That she truly represents the spirit of South Dakota, no matter what the actual election results say, and that the establishment politicians are keeping her from instituting the utopia that will inevitably occur once Annette Bosworth has managed to starve out those that she deems unworthy.

For his part, South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley insists that the investigation is above board and that it was triggered by irregularities in Bosworth’s filings that were noticed during a routine review of the paperwork. In his statement, he says:

“The election complaints received by the Secretary of State involve conduct that is serious, deliberate, and must be addressed in order to preserve the integrity of our elections. Because this is a federal elected office, I have and will continue to discuss the investigation with federal authorities.”

Isn’t that just like those irresponsible big-government, anti-starvation elites to go through proper channels when election officials do their jobs and review filings? Does Jackley not realize that his insistence on applying the law equally to everyone puts an undue burden on the rights of candidates like Annette Bosworth? How will the Bosworth Republicans ever practice their right to free speech by enacting laws if Jackley persists?

And how dare he enforce the law against a member of his own party? That automatically makes him in the wrong, right?

No wonder Annette Bosworth is fighting this with all the conviction she can muster. If radicals like Marty Jackley have their way, the Republican Party might find itself facing a fifth column insurgency within its ranks. If we don’t do something about it, it could even spread across the country and corrupt the electorate. If Republican voters get the idea that politicians who break the law should be punished, then what?

Wait. Annette Bosworth was already defeated before charges were brought. How exactly is this investigation “intimidation”? What does she think Jackley wants keep her from doing? Does she think that she has a chance of challenging the election results?

Annette Bosworth, you’re a hoot. Don’t ever change.

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