Janelle Ambrosia Asks For Shovel, Digs Hole With ‘Bipolar’ Excuse.

Yesterday was a bad day for Janelle Ambrosia, and today doesn’t look to be much better. The Inquisitr reported yesterday on her racist tirade (in front of her children) in the parking lot of a Dollar General store in upstate New York. (Video and more at the link.)

Since then, the hammer has continued to come down on Ms. Ambrosia. You might be thinking, “well, that is as it should be.”

Perhaps that is the right attitude to take. Moral musings are beyond the scope of this article, however. Whether she deserves it or not, we are here to bear witness to the scathing social consequences that Janelle Ambrosia is facing.

To that end, let’s review the coverage that has popped up since Inquisitr first posted about Ms. Ambrosia.

The Blemish shows us a new detail. According to them, Janelle Ambrosia’s use of the n-word (and other degrading adjectives in its orbit) can’t be racist because she “has a black cousin.” She also insists that she is bipolar, as if that excuses racism. Without judging the veracity of Ms. Ambrosia’s mental health claims, it is still easy to see these as one and the same tactic: an attempt to deflect criticism.

Janelle Ambrosia’s claim, whether true or not, implies that racist diatribes are a symptom of bipolar disorder, and as such out of her control. By implication, it also helps to reinforce the idea that people living with the condition are not responsible for their actions.

That they are incompetent.

What a hateful, loaded, and disingenuous trip to lay on the bipolar community. They’re already doing their best to keep themselves on track when their emotional ecosystems tend not to cooperate, and now some toilet-tongued racist is trying to claim that the reason she should be able to get away with shooting her mouth off in public is because of her self-identified affiliation with that demographic.

Shame on you, Janelle Ambrosia. Regardless of your mental health history, your public actions are your own. You have no right to paint other people with the brush of your behavior by using one aspect of your identity to excuse the reprehensible actions you undertook as an expression of another part of your identity.

Moving on from that, the Daily Mail has commentary on Janelle Ambrosia’s stripping career based on their gleaning of the quote “you won’t believe how many cops I’ve stripped for” from the video. They also have the Janelle Ambrosia phone face meme that was inevitably going to emerge from this situation. Inquisitr has followed suit with our own version, in the hopes of better capturing Ms. Ambrosia’s journey since the incident.

It is distasteful to shame sex workers, but surely the equation changes since Ms. Ambrosia has the hubris to use the social networking provided by exotic dancing to imply that she is above the law. We may be a country in the late stages of a sexual revolution, but surely we can still punish hubris without confusing it with shaming Janelle Ambrosia for her career.

In the original report, Inquisitr pointed out Janelle Ambrosia’s expressed fears about how this incident will affect her custody arrangement with her ex. It is impossible to know how or what the best resolution of that situation would be, and throwing custody issues into the kind of rampant public stomping Janelle Ambrosia is currently experiencing is, frankly, irresponsible.

It is worth pointing out, though, that if Ms. Ambrosia’s fears are genuine, she needs to be aware of the fact that her children are likely to be affected by emotionally disturbing events like a public meltdown in profound ways that will call attention to the behavior of both parents. It hardly takes the gasoline of YouTube to light that fire.

At this point, if Ms. Ambrosia wants to salvage anything toward that end, she needs to keep herself out of the media. That means no more explaining about why she should be exempt from criticism for her abhorrent views. No one is entitled to avoid criticism, Janelle. Especially not for this kind of contemptible rampage. Please stop trying to convince people otherwise.

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