‘Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor’ Trailer Introduces The Immortal Gravewalker [Video]

A new Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor trailer wants you to fear the immortal Gravewalker, and knowing Lord of the Rings lore, that’s not going to be difficult.

Shadow of Mordor takes place between the two film trilogies, so it is subsequent to Bilbo’s adventures into the lair of Smaug and precedes Frodo’s company of heroes and their journey to destroy the One Ring. The ring is the central part of the story throughout the series, and given its history it’s not difficult to see why. The One Ring was created to grant ultimate power to whoever wields it, though it was corrupted by Sauron, and in turn corrupts whoever possesses it. Since the fall of Smaug, the dark forces began to rise and the One Ring become more dangerous to even possess. This is why Bilbo didn’t seem to be affected by it until it became time to pass it on to Frodo.

Though the Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor trailer doesn’t explain Gollum’s long time search for the “precious” bauble, the game itself might have him make a cameo to tie it in more intimately with the Lord of the Rings series. So far it appears the orcs, Middle Earth, and Mordor are the only connections.

We see a confrontation between an orc and his would-be assassin, where the orc tells him about the Gravewalker after seeing several of his kind killed off almost with ease. It seems the Gravewalker may just be one of the humans entrusted with the nine rings, because he is apparently unable to die, despite the orc’s assassin telling him he would. Could the Gravewalker be one of the ring wraiths?

A face-off between the immortal Gravewalker and the orc’s assassin ends quickly as the former fires one arrow made of energy and the next thing we see is him holding the man’s head and a piece of his sword. It seems the player will need to succeed where the orc’s assassin failed, and find a way to destroy the Gravewalker.

The Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor release date is set for October 7, and it’s coming exclusively to the PS3 and PS4. What do you think of the latest Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor trailer?

[image via gamerhub]