Arizona Humane Society Dog Left Standing Alone After Adoption Drive Gets A New Home!

One day after a news report by 3TV, about one single dog being left behind after a successful adoption drive by the Arizona Humane Society last weekend, went viral, the last remaining pit bull was adopted by a family.

The 4-year-old pooch named Madeline was the only dog left behind after last weeks adoption drive that saw as many as 513 dogs finding new homes. Madeline, however wasn’t as lucky, and was the only one that was left behind and not adopted by any family. It was a sad sight to see all the dog kennels at the Arizona Humane Society Shelter empty but for one. The staff at Arizona Humane Society felt bad for Madeline because she had been one of their favorites and has been a “complete angel,” as per many employees. They just wanted Madeline to be adopted by a good family.

Madeline was given up for adoption after her original owner fell sick and was unable to care for her.

When Kim and Eli Beckman saw the 3TV report that talked about Madeline who was the only dog left alone, the family decided to intervene. Both ended up at the Arizona Humane Society shelter the very next day and adopted Madeline, and took her home with them!

“I told my fiancé, ‘let’s go up there and take a shot at trying to adopt her,'” Eli Beckman said to reporters. “I mean, how would you feel if you got left out in the cold?”

To their surprise, nobody else had turned up to adopt Madeline before they arrived. With all formalities complete, the Beckmans now have a brand new pet!

As of today, the Beckmans have brought Madeline to their home and adopted the dog into their family. The graceful pit bull now has a chance to live her life in the company of a loving family.

As for the Arizona Humane Society, they are preparing for a similar adoption drive in the coming weeks – this time for cats.

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