Backstreet Boys Still Rocking The Stage

The Backstreet Boys are back, and they are rocking the stage. Following a successful year of touring abroad for their “In A World Like This” tour, the boys are back and are performing to sold out concerts all over the US for the remainder of the summer.

Reviews are quickly pouring in from outlets all throughout the web and the general opinion is that the Backstreet Boys are back and fans are loving it. According to the Los Angeles Times, this tour marks the 20th anniversary of the boy band that dominated the charts worldwide during the “boy band boom” of the late 1990s.

The Seattle Times went on to say that this past year has been “huge” for A.J. McLean, Howie Dorough, Nick Carter, Brain Littrell, and Kevin Richardson. All the positive press that the boy band, or should we say man band, has been receiving seems to be fueling their energy at their shows. Fans have been going crazy as the Backstreet Boys began performing hits such as “Everybody,” “Incomplete,” “Never Gone,” “I Want It That Way” and “Quit Playing Games With My Heart.”

Fans seem to be absolutely loving the performances that the boys have given so far, just check out the Twitter response:

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Brian Littrell talked a little about touring with the Backstreet Boys again.

“We’ve been all over the globe. We’re about to do our second European run in July. We’re doing our second [North American] run now. The fan response has been amazing. We started it as our 20th anniversary tour, and we’ve already been together 21 years now. The anniversary has come and gone but we’re still kicking.”

When asked about what is to come next for the Backstreet Boys, Littrell said that they have a few more shows in the works before they take any breaks:

“We finish this leg of the tour in late June, then we go to Europe. We’re doing our first shows in Israel, which we’ve never been. We put up a show there and it sold out in 30 minutes. The promoter asked us to do another one and that sold out in five minutes, so we are going to do three shows. We’re gonna lay low for the rest of the year and get back in the studio and see what comes for 2015. We don’t really stop and slow down too much, so we try to keep the wheels moving. We’ve also got a documentary coming out. It’s basically the story of where Backstreet Boys came from and that’s coming out around September.”

Are you one of the many fans that will be checking out the Backstreet Boys over the summer? If you are, let us know what you think of the performance in the comments below!

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