Vladimir Guerrero Hits 50 Cent’s Terrible First Pitch [Video]

Vladimir Guerrero can hit anything, even the worst first pitch of all time, tossed by rapper 50 Cent.

In what’s quickly becoming a viral video, you can see the former Expos, Orioles, Rangers and Angel’s slugger (in Angels-era uniform) take a cut at 50 Cent’s pitch – which wasn’t even in the same zip code as the batter’s box.

We should have known all along. If anyone can hit 50 Cent, it would have to be Vladimir Guerrero. Guerrero, who batted.318 over 16 seasons, with over 2,500 career Major League hits and 1,496 RBIs, had a longstanding reputation for swinging at terrible pitches, so why not 50 Cent’s terrible opening pitch? The thing was, Guerrero also put many of those terrible pitches into the seats.

The video doesn’t show him taking 50 Cent for the long ball, however. In the video, Vladimir pops 50 Cent’s opening pitch for a bloop single into the shallow right field. Guerrero does manage to get extra bases off of 50 Cent’s pitch, however, as what appears to be a throwing error allows him to scoot into second base. Here’s the video: