June 29, 2017
Ellie Goulding Gets Inspired By David Attenborough

Ellie Goulding thinks David Attenborough's voice is extremely awesome.

The singer is reportedly starting to gather some material for her next studio album. Instead of diving into her diary for a boost of creativity, Goulding is reportedly looking to the acclaimed broadcaster and naturalist for inspiration. In fact, Ellie hopes that her next batch of songs are a bit more scientific than the stuff she's recorded in the past.

"I'm reading about the beginning of the universe and also watching documentaries and loving David Attenborough -- his voice and his knowledge is amazing," Goulding recently told the folks over at The Sun.

She added, "If I could somehow utilize his voice in a recording with me, it would be awesome -- a chance to make a point with my music and his authority."

Goulding previously said that she's hoping to get away from the same old stuff for her next record. Ellie recently told Today that she's essentially finished writing touching tunes about relationships. Those hoping to get more sappy love songs on her next endeavor might want to prepare themselves for tunes about plants and wildlife.

"I want it to be more about other things, and although I do write a lot about relationships, I like writing about the world and the things that I see as well. I'll try to avoid writing about love at all costs!" she explained.

Goulding also offered up some advice about relationships, a subject the singer knows quite a bit about. Although she's currently involved with McFly singer Dougie Poynter, Ellie has seen her fair share of heartache in that troublesome universe known as love.

The singer had this to say on the subject:

"I think with relationships ending, trying to get yourself out of tunnel vision and getting yourself to stay in the moment as much as possible is important. Occupy your mind and stop thinking back on past thoughts, or what may happen in the future. Remain in the present, be happy to be alive and healthy. You'll get over it!"
Since Ellie Goulding is on tour at the moment -- she recently brought her music to fans in Sydney, Australia -- it's unclear when she'll begin work on her next studio album. And while she'd love nothing more than to have David Attenborough lend his famous voice to the record, it's unclear if he'll show up on one of her upcoming songs.

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