Will Spain’s New Queen Become An ‘X-Rated’ Kate Middleton?

Spain’s new Queen is set to become a global celebrity in the wake of the abdication of her father-in-law, King Juan Carlos, and some are even suggesting the new Queen of Spain could rival Kate Middleton in the popularity stakes.

Spain’s new queen, or Princess Letizia as she is currently known, has more than just a little in common with Kate Middleton.

Like Kate Middleton, Spain’s new Queen in waiting has been plucked like a common wallflower from middle-class obscurity and planted in the most regal of gardens like the royalist of Roses.

Like Kate Middleton, Spain’s new Queen is slimmer than slim, enjoys a passion for sleek and stylish tailoring and sports a curtain of shiny brown hair.

Like Kate Middleton, Spain’s new Queen also has her critics. In Princess Letizia’s case, she has been accused of being a little too rigid and miserable looking when officially engaged in public duties.

Yet unlike Kate Middleton, Spain’s new Queen has somewhat of the unsavory whiff of scandal associated with her past, and appears to have a closet filled with its fair share of skeletons.

In fact, some have suggested that the new Queen of Spain could be the Rihanna to Kate Middleton’s Katy Perry. Wow, meow!

Let’s start with what we do know about the new Queen of Spain.

Before becoming a Princess and letting Prince Felipe de Borbon put a ring on it, Spain’s new Queen was a glamorous TV presenter.

Yet Spain’s new Queen’s reputation as a former ‘talking head’ hasn’t unduly concerned the Spanish public, but the Queen in waiting’s divorce, plastic surgery, and alleged abortion almost certainly have.

Admittedly, Kate Middleton’s royal reputation may have taken a dent following the ‘bum-gate’ and ‘breast-gate’ scandals. Not to mention the Duchess of Cambridge’s secret visit to the celebrity boycotted Dorchester in Mayfair, but as of yet, Kate Middleton’s embarrassing episodes in the public eye pale in comparison when placed next to new Queen of Spain’s somewhat scandal-laced past.

In 2008, Spain’s new Queen entered hospital to have work on what the palace claimed was a deviated septum, but as many pointed out, the nose Princess Letizia left hospital with was a lot daintier than the one she entered with.

And then there was the book, or to put it kindly, poison-pen memoir about Spain’s new Queen, written by none other than the Queen of Spain’s own cousin. Adios Princesa has an entire chapter concerning the allegation that Spain’s new Queen had an abortion a year before she met Prince Felipe.

It should be stressed that it is only an allegation, but one thing’s for sure: the world will probably be seeing a whole lot more of Spain’s new Queen, who just might earn immortal renown as an ‘X-rated’ Kate Middleton.