Tito Jackson Jr, New Jersey Mayor, Punched In The Face By 80-Year-Old Man

Tuesday’s election in the state of New Jersey was highlighted by a surprising event that shook the small town of Bogota. Tito Jackson, Jr, mayor of Bogota, New Jersey, was allegedly punched in the face by an 80-year-old man, who accused him of calling his daughter a “money-hungry piece of sh*t”.

According to PolitickerNJ, the New Jersey politician had just finished casting his vote and went outside the voting area to meet and greet his supporters. In the crowd was Salvatore Trotta, an octogenarian who allegedly didn’t let go of Jackson’s hand when they shook hands. After a minute of tugging, 80-year-old Trotta reportedly delivered a sudden, powerful punch to Jackson’s face.

“He took my phone out of my hand and punched me”, said Jackson

The mayor reported that although he was not hurt by the incident, the punch left his face swollen. Tito Jackson Jr. has filed a complaint with the local police regarding the violent post-voting assault.

However, Salvatore Trotta had a different account of the incident. Trotta’s daughter, Tina, is running as city councilor and was one of the few candidates who opposed the construction of a huge parking lot in Bogota, a project which Jackson allegedly backed. Tina Trotta was also one of three residents who requested the borough of Bogota to have the trees chopped during the parking lot construction replaced, according to the Daily Mail. Tina Trotta is running against candidates under mayor Jackson’s endorsements.

According to Trotta, he shook hands with mayor Jackson and asked him if he had cut trees in the town to build a parking lot. Trotta said:

“I was out there in the parking lot and I walked up to him and said, ‘how do you do, sir?’ we shook hands.”

He then proceeded to question mayor Jackson about the tree-cutting in the town.

In response, Jackson reportedly said:

“Your daughter is nothing but a money-hungry piece of s***.”

An exchange of words took place before mayor Jackson allegedly shoved Trotta away from him, to which the old man responded with a punch to the face. Trotter is claiming self-defense for the assault.

Trotta, a former securities expert, said mayor Jackson “started screaming” and “ran away screaming” after getting punched in the face.

Trotta is planning to file a counter-suit against mayor Jackson and is reportedly also planning to sue the small town mayor for assault.

Tito Jackson Jr., a democrat, leads the northern town in New Jersey. As of 2012, the town has an estimated population of 8,187.

[Image from Tito Jackson Jr’s Facebook page via Daily Mail]

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