Gary Drake Pulls Shotgun On Dad Teaching His Daughter To Ride A Bike For The Craziest Reason [Video]

A dad was teaching his daughter how to ride a bike when an argument started with neighbor Gary Drake over the father’s teaching methods. In response, the not so neighborly neighbor pull out a shotgun and threatened to kill them.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, this story is probably about as crazy as the man who pulled a shotgun on a seven-year-old girl scout selling cookies.

The police report behind the incident describes how the story unfolded. In the middle of the evening, the father was teaching his seven year old daughter to ride a bicycle on a road near their home. As the dad and his daughter were approaching a nearby cul-de-sac, he noticed Gary Drake sitting on his porch. As the dad got closer to Drake’s residence, he could hear Drake yelling advice at him but was not sure what he was saying. The father told Drake, “I’ve got it.” Drake continued to yell at them while making comments about how his daughter was riding her bike. The dad once again said “I’ve got it” and Drake responded, “If you don’t like my advice, get off the street.”

The father responded to Drake by saying that he didn’t own the street and that he would continue to teach his daughter how to ride her bike there. But Drake continued to yell things that he couldn’t hear and was appearing to becoming angrier. Drake then went inside his residence and when the father began walking away from he heard the neighbor exit his house. When the dad looked over his shoulder, he saw Drake holding a Remington 870 shotgun. Drake was pointing the gun towards the father and daughter and threatening to kill them.

Fortunately, Drake’s wife come out of their residence, grabbed the shotgun away from the man, and and then physically dragged the belligerent neighbor back inside of the house. The father says he continued his escape but approximately 30 seconds later Drake returned back outside, again yelling, “I’m going to kill ya.”

When police showed up, Drake was watching TV and the gun had been put away. The father insists that he did not make any comments or threats that would have provoked the other man into rushing for a shotgun. Drake even admitted to the deed and also confirmed that he had been drinking alcohol earlier in the day, but claimed his poor decision-making had not been influenced by drinks. In fact, the neighbor defended his actions, saying, “Maybe next time I should have shot him.”

Gary Drake is charged with second-degree assault and terrorist-like threat charges.

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