Sinkhole Opens Up Under Guatemalan Woman’s Bed

Today in news that you will recall just as you’ve brushed your teeth, put on your pajamas and finished up your Sleepytime Tea tonight, a Guatemalan woman discovered that the Earth was trying to eat her… by way of under her bed.

Yes, it may not have been a monster, but sinkholes are terrifyingly real, and increasingly threatening to Guatemalan people. Near where 65-year-old Inocenta Hernandez lives in Guatemala City- which was built on not-very-stable volcanic deposits- a sinkhole devoured and killed three in 2007.

But when Hernandez, who was home with her grandkids at the time of the sinkhole-under-the-bed incident, heard the boom, her first thought was explosion. However, a bit of poking around with neighbors determined the 40-foot deep sinkhole was coming from inside the house:

“When we heard the loud boom we thought a gas canister from a neighbouring home had exploded, or there had been a crash on the street.

“We rushed out to look and saw nothing. A gentleman told me that the noise came from my house, and we searched until we found it under my bed.”

Thankfully, neither Hernandez nor her family members were injured by the terrifying sudden hole in her house, and she described the damages as “material.”

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