Steven Tyler Tries Sneaking Note To Miley Cyrus At Helsinki Hotel

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler still hasn’t lost that lovin’ feeling. Perhaps that’s why he tried to slip a personal note to Miley Cyrus one recent night when the two stars shared the same Helsinki, Finland, hotel. It must have been an honor or creepy. Or both.

Tyler posted the video (shown below), titled “Room Service in Helsinki,” to Facebook, then Cyrus tweeted in the morning (showing the age difference between the two).

Tyler, 66, can be seen in the video sneaking up to Cyrus’s hotel room door and whispering in an Elmer Fudd accent, “Oh, I think Miwey Cywus is here. But shhh! She’s vewy, vewy sweepy.”

Tyler tries unsuccessfully to slip a note under Cyrus’s hotel room door. Then he unsuccessfully tries sliding it through the side.

“I can’t seem to get it in her door,” he says coyly. “Maybe I outta bang on it?”

But Tyler, the father of four children, all older than Cyrus, folds the note in half and slips it in the key-card slot instead. “That’s better,” he says, before jangling away back to his own room.

Cyrus, 21, didn’t respond to the fumbling at her door, and it’s still unclear whether the girl-woman and the man-boy ever met up while in Helsinki; Miley on her Bangerz Tour and Tyler on yet another world tour. The writing on the note, which Tyler flashes a few times to the camera, is illegible.

It doesn’t seem to have been a good time for a house call. Just a day after tweeting Tyler’s video, Cyrus tweeted this: “Ya know when you just cry in the shower for no reason(?)” She followed that up quickly with “so f**kin homesick,” and later in the day, “If it wasn’t for the show tonight i would lay in bed and miss Floyd allllll day.”

Floyd refers to her dog Floyd and not Floyd Mayweather; her Floyd just passed away a few weeks ago.

This wouldn’t have been a good time to be chilling at home, though. Just two days ago, Cyrus’s home was robbed, according to New York Daily News.

A man and woman were videotaped scaling the fence at Cyrus’s North Hollywood estate on Friday afternoon. After gaining entrance to the home’s garage and home, they made off with jewelry and the Wrecking Ball singer’s recently bought Maserati sports car.

This was the second time Cyrus’s home has been burglarized in a half-year. Last fall, a day before her 21st birthday, burglars made off with another bounty. “A lot of personal items were stolen,” a source said.