Apple: Yosemite OS X And iOS 8 Showcase Apple’s Worldwide Development Conference

Apple Yosemite! Mac users around the world rejoiced today, their iPhones a buzz with the news, as Apple CEO Tim Cook pulled back the magic curtain at the 2014 Apple Worlwide Development Conference and introduced Apple’s latest OS X operating system: Yosemite (yoo-sim-it-ee for those unfamiliar with the majestic National Park in California, made famous by pioneer photographer, Ansel Adams)!

While previous versions of Apple’s operating systems were named after big cats, such as Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion, Apple’s most recent versions are named after California’s natural wonders, with Yosemite following in the footsteps of Mavericks, a legendary big wave surfing spot in Northern California. Neither Lodi nor Victorville was considered as possible names, but Weed did enjoy some support, according to NBC News.

But as it turned out, Yosemite got the nod, and Apple software executive Craig Federighi kicked things off by reviewing what the new Yosemite operating system would bring to the table, reports The San Jose Mercury News.

Translucent backgrounds and a converged search feature were among the new bells and whistles Yosemite showcased, the “carefully crafted translucent materials,” noted Federighi, promising Apple products will continue projecting a lovely display via Yosemite.

Along with Yosemite, iOS 8, Apple’s refreshed mobile operating system was also introduced. New features demonstrated by Federighi include users having the ability to respond to alerts while remaining on their current app, and the ability of iOS 8 to send audio messages while remaining on the Messages app. Users will also be able to send pictures and videos without having to change to the Camera app.

Apple’s new iOS 8 also has a thing called HealthKit, which will let users track and record their weight, blood pressure and other important health stats. HealthKit on iOS 8 is also reportedly an indication of Apple’s focus on wearable devices that can track one’s vital signs and is part of an increasingly popular trend called “the quantified self.”

For families, Apple also introduced Family Sharing, which permits as many as six family members to use the same credit card, and access the same purchased content on iTunes.

Photos, a new feature that will work through Apple’s i-Cloud, makes photos taken from any Apple device available on any other Apple device the user owns. Different storage space options will be available with 5 gigabytes being free and 20 gigabytes going for 99 cents a month.

Yosemite is available immediately for developers. In fact, Apple CEO Cook noted in his keynote that, “We now have 9 million registered developers,” an increase of 50 percent in the past year and the most new developers in Apple history.

Meanwhile, non-developer users of Apple products will have to wait until Fall before they can enjoy the new features of Yosemite.

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