Is Jamie Lee Curtis a Hermaphrodite?

Duncan Riley

One thing you can say about the internet: old rumors and tales never die, they simply sleep to live another day, and one of the oldest is the notion that actress Jamie Lee Curtis is a Hermaphrodite, that is: born with both male and female sex organs.

Usually with myth busting you can get a straight answer, but in the case of the Jamie Lee Curtis Hermaphrodite rumors the question has never definitively been answered.

The supporting arguments for yes include the choice of her name: a unisex name that could be either male or female, and that Jamie Lee Curtis has never had children, adopting instead.

The rumor nearly always centers on her name being mentioned in University lectures, although there is only one example of a paper where her name is mentioned in context, and in that case the author reported including her name only on a draft based on rumor, and removed her name after being unable to confirm the story.

The latest has Jamie Lee Curtis being mentioned as a Hermaphrodite on Oprah, although we can't find no record of it.

The only person who can fully answer the question is Curtis herself. We rank this has highly unlikely to be true.