Ed Sheeran Releases New Track: ‘Friends’

Over the weekend, Ed Sheeran released the single for his hit song “Sing” on the iTunes store in the UK. According to AceShowBiz, fans who purchased the track will also get Ed’s new bonus track “Friends.”

The song is another one of Sheeran’s moody guitar ballads. This one is about a friendship of Ed’s that might have evolved into something a little more romantic. Sheeran sings, “Friends just sleep in another bed/ And friends don’t treat me like you do/ Well I know that there’s a limit to everything/ But my friends won’t love me like you.”

The song is a very intimate piece of music, featuring little more than Sheeran’s gentle voice and his acoustic guitar. The lyrical style is more stream-of-consciousness than other tracks by the 23-year-old redhead heartthrob, making the listener feel like Sheeran is speaking off-the-cuff, directly from the heart.

Ed Sheeran tweeted about the new song shortly after announcing the release of the “Sing” single.

there is also a brand new song on the SING EP, called ‘Friends’ – https://t.co/qAbee6N3BH

— Ed Sheeran (@edsheeran) May 31, 2014

MTV reported that the song “Friends” didn’t make the cut on Ed Sheeran’s upcoming album X, or Multiply, which hits stores June 23. It’s unclear why the song didn’t fit, but it’s speculated that there just wasn’t a place for it. A lot of Ed’s fans, apparently called “Sheerios,” are now excited to hear any other B-side songs that didn’t make it onto the new album. DirectLyrics.com seems to think there are enough bonus tracks to fill another album of rarities.

You can listen to Sheeran’s “Friends” in the official YouTube video below: