Expect Awesomeness: 2014 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

Monday, June 2, is the first day of the 2014 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. It is an exciting day for those who love technology and Apple. There has been much speculation as to what will be unveiled at the Apple Conference, especially on the heels of the announcement of Apple acquiring Beats Electronics for $3 billion dollars per 9to5Mac.com, who reveals this is “by far the most expensive acquisition in Apple’s 38-year history.”

One never quite knows what to expect in Apple’s new products, but one can be sure to expect awesomeness. This year’s Apple Conference will be nothing short of just that. In fact, CNet.com reports Eddy Cue, Apple senior vice president of Internet software and services, whetting our appetites by saying this year’s conference, Apple has “the best product pipeline I’ve seen in 25 years.”

Sources have told CNET that Apple won’t necessarily be introducing a flock of new hardware during their Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, but will instead focus mainly on new software features and services. But, don’t be discouraged. Apple will not disappoint.

One rumor floating around as reported by CBS News is that Apple will be coming out with the IOS 8 which will be “adding a split screen function to its popular iPad tablet allowing for diehard multitaskers to view two apps at the same time” on a single screen. Apple iPad users have been awaiting this feature for quite some time.

It is also speculated that Apple will upgrade their OSX, but it is unknown at this time what features Apple will chose to add.

It is also possible that Apple will introduce a new “Smart Home” technology, per CBS News. This allows Apple customers to use their Apple devices to remotely control things at home while they are away, such as lights, appliances, and security systems. The beauty of Apple’s Smart Home technology, and what sets it apart from other similar products is that Apple’s would function on location awareness. So, your Apple device would know when you are arriving home from work, and turn the lights on for you.

With the ever-growing popularity of the Apple TV, Eddy Cue leads us to believe that a lot of new content will be added to the Apple TV, and according to TechCrunch.com, Apple has “tied more of its content to iCloud, like user photos.” Apple is also reportedly working on a content partnership with Time Warner Cable.

One exciting new possible Apple product that may be introduced at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is the iWatch. AppleInsider.com predicts that the Apple iWatch could have sensors that could gather information such as the outside temperature, humitidy levels and air pressure.

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is always an event that Apple users, customers and the technical savvy anticipate each year. Apple is sure to please. CNet.com reports that Eddy Cue enthusiastically states that former Apple CEO Steve Jobs “would be extremely proud of the products we (Apple) are building.”

Keep a watchful eye on Apple this week!

Photo Credit: Buzzom.com