UFC News: Dana White Calls Out Jon Jones For Ducking Rematch With Alexander Gustaffson

The UFC is taking the fighting outside the ring as president Dana White is calling out light heavyweight champion Jon Jones for seemingly ducking a rematch with Alexander Gustaffson.

After Jones earned a victory over Glover Teixeira in the main event of UFC 172, many believed a Gustaffson rematch was sure to follow. UFC President Dana White was among those looking for a rematch in what would surely be another headline fight.

But now more than a month has passed since UFC 172 with no signs that Jones is ready to fight Gustaffson, the No. 1 title contender.

White voiced his displeasure with the situation at a recent UFC Fight Night event in Berlin. When asked about the delay in the Jones-Gustaffson rematch, White replied: “Ask Jon Jones.”

When pressed further for his opinion on Jones’ delay in signing on for the match, White added: “I don’t like it, I don’t like it at all.”

Jon Jones has been known to voice his displeasure with the UFC in the past. After a bumpy road to his match against Glover Teixeira — a fight that at different points was slated for UFC 169, UFC 170, and UFC 171 before landing on UFC 172 — it was Jones accusing the UFC of causing delays.

“It’s been well documented that we postponed a lot of different events that I was supposed to be in,” he said in February. “The reason being I really just wanted to be home for the holidays. I felt like after that (Alexander) Gustafsson fight it was important for me to be happy and be centered and I feel like I am there now.”

The Jon Jones-Alexander Gustaffson rematch would likely be a big event for the UFC. When the two met in UFC 165, the fight went a hard-fought five rounds before Jones won by unanimous decision. The bout ended up winning Fight of the Year honors at the 2013 World MMA Awards, and many believe it was the best light heavyweight fight in UFC history.

The UFC news could still turn out for the better. If Jon Jones does sign on for the rematch with Alexander Gustaffson, Dana White said the fight could take place in Las Vegas sometime later in the summer.