You Won’t Believe What A Simplistic Solution An Indian Company Found To Ensure Women Feel Safer On Streets

Indian women have become increasingly vulnerable in the largest democracy of the world. The occurrences of rape and other forms of sexual abuse are rising alarmingly. Though law enforcement authorities claim to be trying hard, instances of honor killing too have become surprisingly common in the Indian sub-continent.

Acknowledging the fact that life for a woman in India is dangerous, multiple private organizations have come up with solutions like mobile apps, emergency helplines, etc. that females can use in case they feel threatened. But these solutions are unfortunately only accessed when there is imminent danger.

What if the lurking danger itself was eradicated? This is what an Indian company thought while designing their marketing campaign. However, apart from increasing awareness about their brand and products, the company managed to offer a very simple, yet very effective solution to multiple elements of danger that typically lurk in dark alleys and on unlit lanes and by-lanes.

Lighting and illumination products maker Halonix came up with a simple and logical solution to eliminate the dark allies that harbor antisocial elements. The big hoardings that the brand uses to advertise itself are cleverly used at night to illuminate the roads where streetlight is non-existent, reported ScoopWhoop.

Halonix Banners Light Up Dark Alleyways

By following a very structured approach Halonix identified the streets that were notorious and unsafe by collecting information from residents of the region via their Facebook page. When asked about their initiative to lighten up the streets so that women feel safer, Managing Director Rakesh Zutshi had this to say:

“We at Halonix believe that brands need to have a conscience and should continuously attempt to make the world a better place. Our brand idea – The Right Light – is not limited to the fact that we pursue excellence in our products and their quality. It represents a broader view of impacting life and society positively through the use of light.”

Currently active on the streets of India’s capital city Delhi, the brand has extended the initiative to other towns in the country, hoping to offer safer paths for women by intelligently and consciously deploying their advertisements.

Halonix Banners Offer Illumination Of Unsafe Streets

Hoardings are quite a commonplace in India. Usually they tend to clutter the walls and sides of building. Hoardings are in fact one of the biggest perpetrators of light pollution. Hence it is indeed interesting and frankly reassuring to see a brand attempting to have a positive impact.

[Image Credit | ScoopWhoop]

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