Michelle Williams Of Destiny’s Child Says She ‘Speaks The Word Of God’ Via Music

Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child says she is using music to “speak the word of God” but she also says you do not have to be separate from the normal music industry by specifically becoming a Christian music singer.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Michelle Williams was supposed to play Mary Magdalene in the recently cancelled Jesus Christ Superstar tour. Promoters says the large event was cancelled in advanced because of low ticket sales and it was expected that keeping the show running would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per city.

Despite such setbacks, Williams spoke in an interview and said that she wants to use music to inspire and encourage others to embrace the Christian faith:

“I just want to encourage people — do what God has called you to do no matter how it looks. It might even look contrary to how you’re feeling or where you think you’re suppose to be going.”

She even claims that in her days as Destiny’s Child singer that this was her mission:

“I kind of started noticing that even with my platform with Destiny’s Child my individual calling has something to do with evangelism, but not with the traditional way in a pulpit. I am to speak the word of God through my music and I even have opportunities, say in theater, or other things that I do individually … to just be a light.”

Since splitting from Beyonce Knowles and Kelly Rowland in 2005, Williams has tried to remain close and a Destiny’s Child reunion will sort of happen with the upcoming release of the gospel single “Say Yes” which feature all three women. When asked if she has problems being a Christian in the music industry this was her answer:

“My response is, how do you do both? It’s no different than a believer who gets challenged at work.”

Speaking of challenges, Williams also challenged other musicians who might be spreading negative messages in their music to listen to God:

“I would tell them to really, really, really pray and God will give you the message that he wants you to share and it’s not to late. God can turn some things around.”

What do you think about Michelle Williams‘ thoughts on being a Christian in the music industry?

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