Jesus Christ Superstar Tour 2014 Cancelled For No Reason, Cast Flicks Off The Audience In Photos

With the Jesus Christ Superstar tour 2014 cancelled for apparently no reason, fans are left wondering why the music production was suddenly put on hold.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the list of cancelled TV shows in 2014 caused some consternation as well since there were some fairly popular names among the list.

The 2014 Jesus Christ Superstar tour was supposed to start June 9 at Lakefront Arena in New Orleans, and included 54 stops in cities like Detroit, Los Angeles, Chicago, St. Louis, Phoenix, Seattle, Las Vegas, Denver, New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia. A description of the Jesus Christ Superstar tour gives you an idea how big it was going to be:

“The show depicted names such as, Michelle Williams formerly of Destiny’s Child who was to play Mary Magdalene, Brandon Boyd of Incubus would had presented the role of Judas, JC Chasez of `N Sync as Pontius Pilate, and Ben Forster was slated to play Jesus Christ. Forster was selected after his big win on the U.K. popular show Superstar…. The musical dramatizes Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, the unrest caused by his preaching and popularity, his betrayal by Judas, the trial before Pilate and his ultimate crucifixion. It marked an early collaboration between Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, who also created Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Evita.”

When producers for the Jesus Christ Superstar tour 2014 cancelled the show, they only left a brief message on their website:

“Options Clause Entertainment LLC, an affiliate of S2BN Entertainment, announced today the cancellation of the Jesus Chris Superstar Arena Speculator tour. The tour was scheduled to kick off in New Orleans on June 9. All purhcased tickets will be refunded. Tickets purchased online and via telephone will be automatically refunded. Tickets purchased from outlets/venue box office must be returned to that location for refund.”

It’s possible the cost of the Jesus Christ Superstar tour 2014 may have been a factor. Producer Michael Cohl has said to have described the total cost as being in the eight figures range, and they would have needed to make “several hundred thousand dollars” for each show in order to keep it going. Assuming this is the case, that would mean the early ticket sales were not as high as hoped.

Whatever the truth, actor Rob Copeland reacted to the news by posting a photo tweet featuring everyone flicking off the camera. For obvious reasons I cannot show it here, and even Jesus aka Ben Forster was not exactly polite in his description of events (the below has been edited):

“I am so devastated. I’m sorry to everyone who got tickets and flights..Who ever F-ed it up I hate u. But #IforgiveU#imjesus..wellwas x”

Only director Laurence Connor did not respond to the news with rancor:

Why do you think they had Jesus Christ Superstar tour 2014 cancelled?

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