Simply Three: Upcoming Classical Trio Epically Blends Classical Style With Popular Songs

Classical music has always been a stable genre, but one with a fixed preference. Most of them are well-known violinists such as Joshua Bell and Nicola Benedetti. In the 90s, Vanessa Mae is probably the one violinist associated with innovating violin music by mixing in synthesizers and rock instruments. Then came Lindsey Stirling who took the world by storm with her musical piece, Crystallize, followed by her numerous covers.

Now it seems the next big name in the classical genre, specifically strings, is showing their prominence. This time, its a string trio. Welcome the ensemble, Simply Three, a trio who creates innovative arrangements that blend classical style with today’s popular songs. Through this method of classical entertainment, Simply Three produces cutting-edge recordings, music videos, and live performances that are drawing worldwide attention primarily in the classical genre.

Originating back in 2010, the trio consists cellist Zack Clark, bassist Nicholas Villalobos, and violinist Alex Weill who joined in October 2013. Simply Three had their first self-published album back in 2011, which earned them critical and popular acclaim across the United States. They are even hailed by the Boston Philharmonic.

What separates them from the recent popularity flux of artists who use classical instruments, which includes violinists like Lindsey Stirling, is staying true to the classical music genre. What that means, is they are not a musical act that does pop or rock songs showcasing classical string instruments, but a classical trio that innovates classical music primarily through covering pop or rock songs. Despite the fact Simply Three is covering songs by Adele, Coldplay, One Republic, Michael Jackson, and Imagine Dragons, it still has the classical feel as in you’d expect to hear these type of songs in Carnegie Hall for example. Lindsey Stirling, though very entertaining, does pop songs that so happen to utilize her abilities with a violin. That may become even more prominent now that her manager is Troy Carter, who was also the manager for Lady GaGa, which was included in an article here on The Inquisitr.

Staying true to their sound has paid off that even the Huffington Post has recognized Simply Three’s musical endeavors. One such article has been titled “The Only Christmas Song You’ll Ever Need To Hear”, and if you do hear their song, the article is right. But it is their classical covers of Demons by Imagine Dragons and Happy by Pharrell Williams that stand out. Everything is performed with string instruments (clapping in some covers), no synthesizers or dubstep. It is pure classical music which enforces my prior explanation.

Right now, the music video by Simply Three that is getting a lot of attention is Cold War/Tightrope, which is a mash-up of two songs by Janelle Monae. They also feature Glen and Kellindo, but what makes this music video different from the other Simply Three videos is the inclusion of the EPIK Dance Company. However, the dancing compliments the cover, not overpowering it.

Right now, Simply Three’s songs can be purchased on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. The Simply Three store also has more specific items, such as clothing and albums, and their Youtube channel has all their musical videos. Just keep your ears open for this classical trio. Simply Three will probably be the first classical group to bring people to the classical genre, on pure classical sound.

[Image via Simply Three Website]

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