Lindsey Stirling: Did She Join The Illuminati With ‘Shatter Me’?

Lindsey Stirling is one of those artists who is a phenomenon, yet people probably wouldn’t expect to be so big. Bouncing back from a negative review by Piers Morgan followed by elimination on America’s Got Talent, she become one of the biggest stars on Youtube, surpassing vocalists, bands, and other acts primarily popular on the website. Who knew a violinist would become one of the biggest musical names in the industry, and I mean across the musical genre board, not just classical.

Unfortunately, Lindsey Stirling is now under the criticizing eye of conspiracy theorist pertaining to who they believe is controlling it: the Illuminati. Mark Dice is well-known for reporting on the Illuminati, in which he calls out a number of popular artists, including Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kanye West, Lady GaGa, and now Iggy Azalea, on their Illuminati connections, or wannabe connections. We even reported, here on The Inquisitr, how Mark Dice’s videos were considered violating Youtube’s user policies eventually leading up to its deletion, which has now been rectified.

To Lindsey Stirling’s credit, Mark Dice has not yet attacked the “dubstep violinist”, but there are other Illuminati watch sites that have analyzed her latest music video for her song, Shatter Me. Apparently, there are plenty of Illuminati references… and they are far more well-hidden compared to all-seeing eyes, pyramids, and three sixes.

The Vigilant Citizen has one of the biggest analyst reports about Lindsey Stirling’s Shatter Me. They also made sure to bring up two facts about Lindsey Stirling that work against her. First, she is part of the LDS Church and was featured in their “I’m a Mormon” campaign. For those who don’t know, a lot of End Timers, Full-Bible Evangelists, and Seminary-trained Christ Followers do not like Mormonism believing it is a satanic presentation of the Word of God, mostly with the inclusion of their third book, the Book of Mormon. Second, Lindsey Stirling is signed with Troy Carter, who is notorious for being Lady GaGa’s manager. If you follow Mark Dice, then you know his personal views on “the biggest Illuminati puppet in the music industry”.

With Shatter Me, the Illuminati concept brought to the forefront is called Monarch Mind Control. Its goal is to cause trauma in a slave that is so severe it causes the slave’s brain to trigger a last-resort defense mechanism by dissociating from reality. This allows the mind controller, known as the handler, to fragment the core personality of the slave and program a new persona within. Three good examples of Illuminati Monarch Mind Control in the music industry are Beyonce (Sasha Fierce), Mariah Carey (Mimi), and Britney Spears (Brittania).

So how does the video explain the Illuminati Monarch Mind Control system? Well here the details of the video one step at a time.

  1. Lindsey Stirling represents a Monarch Mind Control slave with the classic image of MK slavery: a music box ballerina. Movies such as Black Swan and Hide and Seek showcase the ballerina in relation to Monarch Mind Control.
  2. Lzzy Hale is inside the “engine” of the music box making sure it functions properly. This represent Lindsey Stirling’s internal world. Lzzy represents Lindsey Stirling’s core persona.
  3. Lindsey Stirling is trying to break out of her true self but ends up on the floor next to a shattered mirror, which is used in every Monarch Mind Control video. It means that there is no point of return anymore as in the Lindsey Stirling can no longer go back to reality.
  4. Lindsey Stirling is holding a doll which represents the creation of a new artificially made persona. This is also enforced that Lizzy creates a mechanical doll inside her head, a non-human persona that will replace the core persona.
  5. A blue monarch butterfly flies across the globe which symbolically represent the trauma, abuse, and programming of a Monarch Mind Control slave.
  6. Lindsey Stirling is now losing touch with reality when she sees a small monarch butterfly turn into a bat. Monarch Mind Control slaves are thoroughly drugged, confused, and manipulated that they sometimes end up viewing their abusers positively.
  7. Lindsey Stirling shatters into pieces meaning her core persona has now fragmented. Inside her mind, Lzzy places the mechanical doll between two functioning gears meaning that Lindsey Stirling has now been fully taken over.
  8. Lindsey Stirling is now outside in a beautiful landscape which means she has totally dissociated from reality due to her trauma. Monarch Mind Control is complete.

The Illuminati Watcher adds more info about the Illuminati Monarch Mind Control symbolism in Shatter Me. Actually, it is nothing new. Britney Spears and Lady GaGa have used the same Illuminati symbols before. It has also been seen in The Walking Dead. In the end, both sources believe that the Illuminati are reaching all possible niches in order to create a large population influenced by Monarch Mind Control.

Personally, there are definitely those who seem to associate with the Illuminati. It is way too prevalent for it to be ignored. Yet some people, Lindsey Stirling for example, may just like butterflies or music boxes… or they just don’t know the whole story behind all the Illuminati symbolism.

And for the sake of this report, let’s say that Troy Carter purposely incorporated Monarch Mind Control in Shatter Me. We could relate Lindsey Stirling to Fred Flintstone in the live action The Flintstones movie. When Fred became “vice president of industrial procurement”, everything he did, he thought was to benefit the company because his boss – and secretary – told him so. Should we fault him for his ignorance? If Lindsey Stirling doesn’t know anything about the Illuminati, should we fault her if she indirectly pushes Illuminati Monarch Mind Control? Once again, I report and you decide.

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