Ebony Wilkerson: Mom Who Ranted About Demons Before Driving Her Kids Into The Ocean Released On Reduced Bail

Ebony Wilkerson, the pregnant mom who said demons told her to killer her kids by driving them into the ocean, has been released on a reduced bail and is out in the world again.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, based upon the initial charges, Wilkerson’s bail bond amount was set at an amazing $1.2 million. This amount has since been reduced to only $90,000 after a May 29 hearing. When the woman was arrested, she also was charged with three counts of attempted first-degree murder and child abuse, but prosecutors have since reduced the charges to three counts of attempted second-degree murder.

Her attorney James Purdy says Wilkerson intends to plead not guilty to all charges and believes that she did not plan on her actions ahead of time:

“I am glad the State recognizes that there was no premeditation involved in this incident. As the discovery process unfolds, I am confident the evidence will show that Ebony Wilkerson never intended to harm her children or herself.”

Descriptions of the incident claim Willkerson purposefully drove a minivan and her three children into the ocean in order to drown them all. Ebony Wilkerson had told her three kids to “close their eyes and go to sleep, and she supposedly believed she was taking herself, her unborn child, and her three kids to “a safer place.”

Ebony supposedly struggled with her nine-year-old son for control of the wheel before driving into the surf. She continued to fight back against her rescuers, but they managed to pull her and her three kids from the car before a large wave nearly knocked the vehicle out to sea.

Police Chief Mike Chitwood says he spoke to Wilkerson before the incident occurred and she seemed normal at the time, but her family had called the police because she was speaking about demons:

“When we spoke with her she was lucid. The children were in the back seat, they were buckled in and were not in distress. Although the sergeant said she looked like she had some mental illness, she did not fit the criteria for going into custody under the Baker Act. Her sister had called dispatch and told them that she (Wilkerson) had been talking about demons that day before she left the house.”

In this case, the only “demon” involved is the allegedly abusive husband Lutful Ronjon, who is claimed to have physically and mentally abused the family. Wilkerson’s sister, Jessica Harrell claimed Ronjon threatened her sister’s life on numerous occasions, and she said he also threatened her:

“(Ronjon) threatened to kill me and my sister if I participated in helping my sister escape his abuse… I have to testify against him on behalf of my sister, and am afraid to [go] to the courthouse.”

Wilkerson will still need to return to court to face the remaining charges. She bonded out from jail late Friday night, June 30. As part of her release, she cannot have any contact with her children, including the baby that was born while she was in jail. Ebony must “also see a psychologist or psychiatrist and give proof of taking her medications.”

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