WWE News: The Reason Why The WWE Signs And Doesn’t Sign Certain Wrestlers

WWE has had its pick of wrestling talent over the years. They are THE wrestling promotion in the world. Naturally, you want to show what you can do with the best wrestlers in the world. So, if you get on top in the WWE, you are obviously the best of the best and that can never be disputed.

However, sometimes the WWE simply cannot hire everyone. They obviously have limits on who they can sign and what type of athlete they bring in. WWE has been on a signing spree since 2013. They went out and searched for the best Independent talent in the world, and they have found them. All the talent they wanted has been signed.

One man that came in was not signed, that man goes by the name of Ricochet. Ricochet is known for his amazing high-flying ability that can excite the world. The issue WWE ran into was that they already had several men of his size, both on the main roster and in NXT. Having another would not work. On top of that, they have plenty of people that are known as high-flyers. The NXT Champion Adrian Neville being one of them, along with people such as Sami Zayn.

While everyone agreed Ricochet was fantastic in the ring, that was why he did not get signed. NXT Agent and Producer Jamie Noble fought for him, as did a few others. Sadly, it didn’t hold enough weight and Ricochet didn’t get a contract. The word is that they did like him enough to believe that he could be signed down the line. People such as Prince Devitt, who has a similar style, and Pac(Neville) were just too good to pass up and did far more for WWE than him.

WWE seems to be going after talent like this because they feel that the wrestling needs to be better for the fans to stick around, and they want to get the WWE Network among other successful things the WWE does in the future.

Triple H runs the Talent Relations area and NXT itself. This is why many feel the NXT shows are always done so well. Many feel Triple H’s wrestling mind is great and his ability with talent is even better. The problem he runs into on the main roster with this is that despite the respect he has from talent, Vince McMahon runs everything up there. So Triple H is usually a middle man on the main roster, while he runs NXT. He is also in charge of all the talent material, both signings and releases. So, many feel that Triple H is ready to run the WWE, but Vince may never walk away fully.

Talent that happen to be bigger will most likely still get signed. However, WWE is looking to bring in the Big E or Roman Reigns type of talent. The guys are bigger, but they are not Undertaker or Big Show size. Many feel that guys such as CM Punk and Daniel Bryan proved to the WWE that the fans want their type of style. So, it would make sense to continue to bring in people like them who could do well.

Despite that, WWE will continue to bring in the big guy and push him. Guys like Roman Reigns ran into a great scene, when he was paired with two Indy heroes in The Shield with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. So his ability to connect with the older crowd was easier. Due to his look and size, female fans and kids like him too, and he is in a place where the WWE feels he could be a star. This on top of his ability to wrestle well and his family lineage.

While the WWE will still turn down top tier talent and push certain types, don’t be surprised to see them push the smaller guys too. WWE feels that the future is the normal sized guy, and the bigger guys are a thing of the past. While again, we will see the big guys…it won’t be as often as it used to be. Most fans feel that this is the best thing, and WWE is listening to them now. At least, Triple H is.

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