Leiby Kletzky Drugged, Autopsy Says

An autopsy in the horrifying kidnapping and murder case involving 8-year-old Brooklyn boy Leiby Kletzsky has revealed the child was drugged with several potent muscle relaxers and antipsychotic medications before he was smothered to death by hardware store clerk Levi Aron.

Criminal psychology experts are baffled by Aron’s behavior in the case, and say that the episode violates all expected behavioral patterns in similar cases:

“It’s highly illogical and makes no sense,” said Lawrence Koblinsky, a professor of forensic science at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

“If you realize there’s a big search out there, okay you might be upset or frightened because you’ve got the kid, but you let the kid loose on the street.”

What makes the case especially perplexing, experts say, is that Aron, 35, does not have a violent criminal history and early indications are Leiby was not sexually assaulted… Kobilinsky said he thinks the crime might “boil down to a psychotic episode.”

Koblinsky says an episode of psychosis would explain much of Aron’s behavior, but adds there’s often “no logic” to how psychotic criminals such as Aron behave. Aron is currently in protective custody and on suicide watch, while authorities attempt to determine whether there was some ulterior motive Aron has yet to disclose or the incident occurred during a massive “break in reality” during the kidnapping and murder.

However, Aron’s contention that the murder stemmed from a panic induced by seeing flyers imploring for Leiby’s return suggests a premeditation that could undermine an insanity defense, an FBI profiler suggests.

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