Nicki Minaj Got Paid $50,000 To Attend A Birthday Party! But Whose?

Nicki Minaj gets paid to party! The Super Bass singer just got 50 grand from Floyd Mayweather Jr. What's the catch? She has to go wild and Nicki on the boxer's daughter's 14th birthday party.

Best dad ever? 14-year-old Iyanna Mayweather seemed to have loved her celebrity guest's appearance. A few selfies prove that the celebrant had a hell of a time with Nicki Minaj.

According to TMZ, the famous boxer rented out the entire MGM ballroom in Las Vegas and coughed up $50,000 to get Nicki Minaj to surprise his teenage daughter for her birthday. Last year, Justin Bieber went to see Iyanna on her birthday party although no one could say for sure if he got to take home a few grand from the appearance. After all, Bieber is a huge Mayweather fan.

Although Nicki Minaj already plans to ditch her bubblegum lipstick, pink wig persona for a more serious rapping image, Minaj seems like she could still bring her crazy antics to any party she goes to. She did appear on the birthday party without the insane get-up, but we bet she had the same partay attitude she is known for.

Minaj's break into the big screen wasn't as successful as she expected. Nicki, who played a minor role in Cameron Diaz's The Other Woman, was critically panned by viewers, who called her acting a desperate attempt at being the 'sassy, black friend." Nicki doesn't seem to be too eager to go back to the movies. Or are directors not too eager to have her? Either way, it seems

We won't be seeing Nicki on the big screen soon. We'd probably see her on the next celebrity birthday party, though. Who's next? Liam Neeson? Prince Phillip?

To be fair, Nicki's music career seems to be going better than ever. Although Minaj already dropped her wild stage behavior, fans appear to be liking her new songs better. Pill N Potions is gaining some sweet, sweet love. A song that represents her total rebranding, Nicki's latest single is unlike any other she has done before and tells about a "tragic, love story." Take that, Beez in the Trap.

Celtic1Master wrote on YouTube:
"HOLD UP WAIT A MINUTE oh y'all thought Nicki was finished? she's not GOING ANYWHERE "
Rashad Mitchell eloquently wrote:
"This is is a blend of Rap, R&b, Pop with a dash of easy listening. The beat is tranquil, her rhymes are solid and filled with reasoning plus the overall message is universally relatable. Nicki is evolving into something that's above a queen!"
Stay awesome, Nicki Minaj! Sing yourself away from the movies and we would all be very happy!

[Image from TMZ]