Lauren Scruggs Gets Extra Special Proposal From Jason Kennedy, Says ‘Yes!’

Lauren Scruggs just announced her engagement to E! News host, Jason Kennedy, who proposed to her in a really special way.

Just eight short months since Kennedy admitted that he was falling in love with the Still Lolo author, Kennedy decided to ask his girlfriend to make an honest man of him.

In two short words Kennedy described what he thinks of his girlfriend, telling PEOPLE magazine: “She’s amazing.”

He also got even more mushy when he said on E! News: “It’s a blur but I can’t stop smiling. She told me I couldn’t surprise her, but I got her good. This is the best night of my life.”

Of course Kennedy planned an elaborate and well-planned surprise to pop the question to Lauren Scruggs. She expected him to be out and about with his “boyz” on Friday night, but he ended up outside his wife-to-be’s house in Texas.

When Scruggs walked out on to her balcony she saw the candles you see in the picture above in a field in front of her house spelling out those timeless words: “Will you marry me?”

When she rushed downstairs in a fit of excitement to greet Kennedy she was presented with a beautiful and unique Jennifer Meyer diamond ring and, of course, said a big “Yes, I will!”

And for Scruggs it is an even more happy event having almost lost hr life back in 2011. It was widely reported that Scruggs inadvertently walked in front of an airplane propellor and was badly injured.

The couple, who are both described as being “deeply religious,” have said more than once that the love that they share is a gift from God.

To highlight those sentiments, Kennedy gushed more to Glamour magazine, about his meeting Scruggs: “I’ll admit it, being a so-called good boy has paid off for me. I’ve got my dream job. And I’ve found my dream girl.”

It remains to be seen what the specific plans for the wedding will be and, of course, when it will be. Inquisitr will be sure to keep you posted.