Justin Timberlake's Jerusalem Photo Sparks Political Controversy

Justin Timberlake was the center of Instagram controversy last week after posting a picture of himself praying at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. The image itself was not really controversial. Many Hollywood A-listers like Sharon Stone and Bob Dylan have been seen and pictured visiting the holy site. What sparked the online furor was the caption Timberlake wrote alongside the artsy photo.

"The Holy Land…What an experience. I will never forget this day."
Timberlake then followed the post with hashtag #Israel. That is where the social media dispute began.

The picture got more than 250,000 likes on Instagram. However, not everybody posted positive comments on Timberlake's Instagram pic. Justin's Instagram photo was dominated by angry users shortly after its posting.

Pro-Palestine netizens poured their anger and frustration over Justin's "pro-Israel" post. One Instagram user wrote:

"Israel is defiantly not holy land. they kill palestians every single day for nothing!,"
Another one of Timberlake's followers wrote:
"Correction : you are in Palestine not israel #disapointed,"
Pro-Israel netizens responded to those who criticized Justin Timberlake's Instagram post. One wrote:
"All that the people in israel want its live in peace.not war. I can tell u that israel people dont bomb buses. And not kill little children."
The picture came a day before Timberlake was set to perform at Tel Aviv for his 20/20 global tour. The SexyBack singer's concert also came alongside the 47th celebration of Jerusalem Day.

Justin Timberlake hasn't released any statement regarding the social media backlash.

Hollywood has always been divided on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Celebrities like British actress Emma Thompson and footballer Cristiano Ronaldo have been rumored to share Pro-Palestine sympathies while comedian Adam Sandler and music superstar Madonna have been reported to express support for Israel.

Many continue to be optimistic that the conflict between the two governments would subside. Inquisitr recently reported about one of those hopeful for a speedy peace in the conflicted countries, the theoretical physicist Albert Einstein.

Justin Timberlake probably didn't intend to cause any political dispute over his Instagram post. Timberlake rarely expresses political opinions and instead invests his time on humanitarian and environmental efforts. Timberlake has been reported to donate A$100,000 to Steve Irwin's Wildlife Warriors, a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of threatened or endangered animals.

Moreover, the singer/actor has his "Justin Timberlake Foundation, an organization that promotes and supports music education in America's public schools. An avid golfer, Timberlake was also instrumental in helping the Shriners Hospital for Children Open raise $9 million.

[Image from Justin Timberlake's Instagram]