Kaley Cuoco Can't Stop Cutting Her Hair

Kaley Cuoco is the queen of the fake-out. The 'Big Bang Theory' star showed off a dramatic short cut on Instagram last March. It turned out to be a ruse - her hair was just tied back - but unless Kaley is serving up some clever new camera tricks, her photos from Saturday show a flattering pixie cut.

Dressed in a loose black shirt that highlights her new short hair, Kaley compared herself to a children's book character with the caption, "Thank you @clsymonds for bringing out my inner Peter Pan."

"@clsymonds" is Kaley's stylist Christine Symonds, who posted her own photo of the new 'do, with the caption "This little lamb went shorter."

The before pics show Kaley's hair falling just past her shoulder blades before getting the scissor treatment.

E! Online recently reported 'The Big Bang Theory' has been renewed for another three seasons. Last season's finale featured Cuoco's character Penny getting engaged to Leonard, played by Johnny Galecki.

There is no word, as of yet, as to whether Penny will enter married life with short hair. Producers could potentially outfit Cuoco with a wig or Kaley could surprise her Instagram audience once again before the summer is up -- this time with extensions.

On break from 'The Big Bang Theory,' Kaley is spending quality time with husband Ryan Sweeting. The Hollywood Gossip spotted the pair in full-on PDA mode at a Memorial Day party thrown by Hollywood producer Joel Silver. Less than six months after their wedding, the pair have moved into a dream home once owned by Khloe Kardashian and gotten inked with matching tattoos that commemorate the day of their nuptials. The tattoo has the date of the ceremony - December 31, 2013 - etched in Roman numerals.

With Kaley's long locks now out of the way, her tattoo, situated on her upper back, will always be on display.

Kaley was making waves with another Cuoco, her sister Briana, at the 11th Annual Inspiration Awards in Beverly Hills on Friday. The event supported Step Up, which seeks to empower girls from under-resourced communities and help them to become college-bound, professional women.

Briana Cuoco is herself a noted performer. She was a contestant on 'The Voice' last fall. Kaley and her parents supported Briana from the audience, as she gave a strong performance of Lady Gaga's 'You and I.'

Kaley is the older sibling - she's 28, while Briana is 24. And while Kaley is a beauty in blonde locks, it seems Briana prefers to be a stunning brunette.

[Image: Instagram]