Watch: Li’l Jon’s ‘Turn Down For What’ + Star Trek Is The (Quantum) Tunnel Banger Of The Summer

Image-stabilized video of Star Trek crews reacting to enemy fire is pretty great on its own, but what happens when you add audio from Lil Jon’s smash hit party anthem, “Turn Down For What”? Magic happens, my friend; magic happens.

We came by this video via The Onion‘s AV Club, and for that we are eternally grateful. Combining the break-neck-break-back party knocker with the herky-jerky stunt work of Star Trek is the sort of thing the interwubs was made for.

Image stabilization for jerky cam-work has been all the rage on the interwubs over the last while, with technically-minded souls unshakifying Star Trek, Cloverfield, and a number of other works. None, though, had thought to add “Turn Down for What” as the secret sauce.

Melding Star Trek footage with trending pop culture fluff is a pastime as old as the Republic, of course, and it’s good to see the tradition continuing as we move into the summer of 2014. We’re just

With “Turn Down for What” currently racing up the charts – its hilarious video has well over 50 million views, and deservedly so – Lil Jon is back in the limelight. A recent interview found the “Turn Down” rapper and producer surprisingly tame, given the over-the-top party vibe of his newest hit song.

“I make party records,” Lil Jon told The Huffington Post last week. “When I go in the studio I’m in a different place than when I’m at home with my family.”

As to what “Turn Down for What” means? Lil Jon says it’s a call to keep partying, though he says different people are taking it different ways.

“It pushes you to go a little harder at whatever it is,” Lil Jon said of the hit track.