Kate Middleton ‘Bum’ Photographer: Her Shocking Admission Over Scandalous Photo Of Duchess [Video]

The Kate Middleton “bum” photographer is apologetic for her actions over selling an image of the Duchess in an unflattering light to German tabloid Bild.de. Diane Morel, a travel agent in Australia’s Blue Mountains, snapped the picture that by now has received worldwide attention. The entire Switzerland-Australian tour that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took has amounted to a single photo.

So, what prompted Morel to come forward and admit she’s the photographer of Duchess Kate’s bare bum photo? She doesn’t specify exactly, but admits she “almost deleted” the infamous picture. Morel thought twice of it, saying:

“It wasn’t until I got home and I popped my camera card into the computer that I realised what I had captured. Kate and William spent so much time speaking to the victims of the bushfires that I decided I would donate any money raised from the sale of the photo to the Blue Mountains Bushfire Mayoral Relief Fund.”

Obviously, Diane Morel is sorry for her actions in receiving what was presumably a generous amount of money for the photo of Kate’s bum. She takes responsibility for her actions on a public platform, which is virtually unheard of among the paparazzi or someone who has contributed to global controversy in regards to a picture.

In the photo, Kate is seen walking away from a helicopter with Prince William as the back of her dress blows up in the air. Her naked bottom was seen on the cover of Bild magazine and immediately made headlines far and wide. The bum photo is subsequent to Queen Elizabeth’s strong advisement to Kate that she add weighted hems her dresses so she can avoid such embarrassing episodes.

A separate Inquisitr article has a section in it defending the photographer’s role in the Kate Middleton photo scandal and that nothing about it is illegal.

Yahoo! suggests this whole Kate bum incident could lead to unrealistic debates over whether a woman’s permission must be obtained before posting her image online. That’s a whole different ballgame and one that would be impossible to control.

The royal family hasn’t reacted to the Duchess bare bum photo and it’s not certain the public will see one surface. A lot of discussion surrounds rights to privacy, right of the press, and how a queen-in-waiting should be more careful in how she presents herself.

The photographer who sold a picture of Kate Middleton with her bum for all to see appears to be genuinely sorry for her actions. Do you think that’s the case?

[Photo Credit: Chris Jackson / Getty Images]

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