Yolanda Arguello: Cook From Hell Licked Cheese, Ice Cubes Before Serving Them!

Yolanda Arguello, a cook at the South Valley New Mexico Women’s Recovery Academy, has been accused of something utterly disgusting. The lady — who served sandwiches and drinks to probation and parole officers at the academy — allegedly licked the food before she serving her patrons, according to KOAT Action 7 News. Investigators say that a number of people working at the facility witnessed Yolanda’s behavior and have reported it.

Yolanda also reportedly said that she was under no obligation to serve probation and parole officers, claiming that she will show them who was special and “better than others.” According to eyewitnesses, Yolanda was known to take slices of cheese, lick them, and place then inside sandwiches served to officers.

Other reports suggest that she also had a tendency to tamper with ice cubes. Yolanda would dump ice cubes on to the floor, put them inside the pitcher, and serve the same with tea to unsuspecting patrons. Another co-employee says she saw Yolanda suck on an ice cube and put it back in a drink before serving it to a person. It doesn’t end here. Another eyewitness claims to have seen Yolanda happily telling officers that she would make them a “special” sandwich whenever she had plans to lick the cheese and serve it to them.

There are people who have come to Yolanda Arguello’s defense as well. According to one of her roommates, all of the allegations against Yolanda are false. This however is still pending investigation.

In the meantime, the Department Of Corrections under which the South Valley New Mexico Women’s Recovery Academy functions have stopped security clearance for Yolanda Arguello at the facility. This means she would be barred from entering the facility until investigations are complete. She was also charged with three counts of battery on a peace officer.

If proven guilty, would you call Yolanda Arguello “the cook from hell”?

[Image via KOAT Action 7 News]

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