Sea To Sea, ‘Weed Fairy’ Spreading Ganja Gold, One Nugget At A Time

An already-fabled Weed Fairy with the faux name Danksy Appleweed keeps busy these days blessing the counter-cultural legions in Seattle by bequeathing little buds of marijuana taped to fliers that she started posting last fall.

“These are tough times,” the Weed Fairy wrote. “Take this WEED… and keep your spirits high.”

Along with a picture of one of the fliers posted on Twitter, @Dumbass_Jones credited the Weed Fairy’s gift with providing some needed songwriting sparks:

Danksy Appleweed, who spoke with KING 5 News but only if she could keep her identity a secret, seemed downright elated for having created such a sensation.

“I never thought I’d end up being the Weed Fairy,” she said. “The national Weed Fairy.”

The Weed Fairy started her project during the government shutdown last fall in New York City. Some of her friends were on unpaid leave, so “I thought about what I could do to lighten the mood up. I knew it would make people happy.”

She was correct. One New Yorker tweeted when the Weed Fairy was still in Brooklyn: “This is why I love New York.”

When Washington went essentially street legal for recreational marijuana, the Weed Fairy could think of no better place to grow a franchise than in Seattle, “without having to worry about being handcuffed and thrown in jail.” According to Alison Holcomb, the chief author of the state’s new legal marijuana law, “If you’re not actually handing it to another individual,” Holcomb told KING 5 News, “it’s not clear that qualifies as a delivery under our state law.”

Stay tuned for new cities to be added to the Weed Fairy’s plans, since Danksy Appleweed hopes to continue the trend for as long and as far as she can keep feeling good about why she’s doing it: “I hope I can start a group of weed fairies and we can all get the world high.”

Certainly it helps to live in a city like Seattle where marijuana is legal. According to SFWeekly, the Weed Fairy’s actions aren’t technically illegal since you don’t need a distribution license unless your personally distribute marijuana to 10 or more people. So really: The Weed Fairy hasn’t personally given anything to anyone, only encouraged strangers to pick freely from the Tree of Free(dom).

Of course, Seattle isn’t riding the tallest wave of beneficence these days, since San Francisco’s resident fairy, @HiddenCash, is hiding envelopes stuffed with free money. And for that, this fairy’s being followed by 61,000 on Twitter.

[Image courtesy of High Times]