Jim Kelly Emotionally Reacts to Last Round Of Radiation Treatments

Jim Kelly, a Buffalo Bills football hero and legend, has had his share of battles on and off the field. Nothing could have prepared Jim for the personal battle he faced with sinus cancer or the recurrence of the disease, but he bravely fought and underwent surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments.

Happily, Jim Kelly’s chemotherapy treatments finally ended a little over a week ago, according to NESN. This was followed by the final round of radiation treatments. Jim Kelly has been battling cancer since it was diagnosed in June, 2013. Jim had to have surgery to remove a part of his upper jaw bone in order to finally be free of the cancer, but unfortunately the cancer returned and was diagnosed again in March.

Jill Kelly, wife of Jim Kelly, has been at his side all the way through his ordeal and has often publicly tweeted about Jim’s battle with cancer. Luckily for fans of the beloved football star, she was able to capture Kelly on video leaving the hospital after his final radiation treatment and interacting with his supporters. Mrs. Kelly also posted a picture of Jim with his supporters on her Instagram account.

As Jim Kelly walked out of the hospital on Wednesday, he was greeted by family and friends wearing matching shirts which read, “Kelly Tough.” Supporters of the Pro Football Hall of Famer cheered as Jim left the hospital with his family, and Jim joyfully high-fived the long line of supporters as he walked among them.

Jim Kelly was very obviously emotional and told the crowd that he could not talk, but he still thanked them tearfully for their support. Family and friends were emotional and cheered for Kelly and his speech, and some encouraged him to save his voice and not to talk. Kelly went on to say that he still has “a long way to go” but assured his friends and family that he was still going to be around for a long time and attending parties with their continued support.

According to ESPN, Dr. Peter D. Constantino believed that Jim Kelly’s cancer was “very treatable and potentially curable.” Dr. Constantino led Jim’s treatment in Manhattan at Lenox Hill Hospital.

It may be a few months before it is revealed how the treatments have worked for Jim Kelly. According to Constantino, “At the conclusion of chemotherapy and radiation, we will wait two to three months to determine the status of his cancer before deciding if surgery will be necessary.”

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