New Online Dating App For The Quirky Has Arrived

Need an online dating app that will help you find more than just a beautiful face or hot bod? If so, the new app Loveflutter might just be what you need to get your online dating life going! Described as the “thinking person’s alternative to Tinder,” Loveflutter functions similarly to its counterpart, save for one thing – it replaces the potential suitor’s photo with a quirky 140-word fact overlaid over a blurry copy of the individual’s photo.

How Does This Dating App Work?

With the popular Tinder app, the photos of potential matches are shown to you individually, one by one. If you dislike what you see, you swipe up to pass. Otherwise, you swipe down to like.

According to Entrepreneur, Loveflutter is similar. The difference is that if you like the factoid you read, you simply press down on the blurred photo to reveal it. And like with its counterpart, actual online dating doesn’t commence until two people like each other.

Unlike its peer, Loveflutter offers new services like a ‘Suggest-A-Date’ function that uses Foursquare to help online lovers transfer their burgeoning relationship to the real world. The goal, in fact, is for Loveflutter to one day become the one and only stop for people to meet, date, fall in love and then continue to plan future dates. Quite a lofty goal, right?

Another benefit to this new online dating app is that it uses the Google Knowledge Graph to match people not only by what they like, but by the similarities between what they like as well. For instance, it might match someone who likes Law & Order with someone who likes NCIS because they are both crime dramas.

How Did It All Get Started?

Meet David Standen and Daigo Smith:

Online Dating App Owners

Hailing from London, the thirtysomething pair of tech geniuses built this dating app because they, like many of us, were experiencing a lot of difficulty trying to find a suitable partner online.

Daily Mail explains:

“There’s too much choice, Smith feels, and it’s not all very good. Especially when it comes to online dating. Disillusioned, Smith and his business partner David Standen set about creating a dating website of their own.”

And thus the app was born! And frankly, this strategy definitely beats just sitting around, waiting for the right person to appear!

Regardless, this new dating app is currently available for absolutely free on the iTunes App Store, so if you are lonely and in need of a partner, get to downloading!

Images via [Google Images]